The Half Track Fox: the orange all-terrain Bulli!

A news seen everywhere! The Volkswagen brand has given new life to the famous Combi T1 of 1962, renovated it to adapt it to our current times. In terms of renovation, it’s not so much about speed, but about adapting so that the van can overcome beaten paths whether in the mountains or in the snow. With these modifications, the Bulli becomes the most traction off-road van there is…

Volkswagen Combi vans are the legendary models of the brand. This is one of their first motorized vehicles, which appeared in the 1950s. The word “Combi” comes from the word Combinationenwagen which means multi-use and has been declined in 3 models. Everyone remembers the Bulli Flower Power, but there’s this one too, which we’re going to talk about and which the brand has transformed.

The Bulli has been undergoing a renovation since… its birth!

As its year of creation indicates, it is a legendary van that appeared in the 1960s and was nicknamed the “Half Track Fox”. So hardly has he left the factory in Germany that his owner already has a project for him! Its owner is a mechanic, Kurt Kretzner. He made the van meet more his specific expectations because he lives in the mountains. What did he install? Huit wheels connected by a caterpillara limited slip transmissiona wide body. For four years, the mechanic thought about his idea and he finally realized it. He adapted his van for forest rangers, hunters who struggled to access inhospitable places that were difficult to access with a “normal” Combi!

The Van that passes through several different hands

Once renovated, Kurt Kretzner built a second one. A new model was even found! After its use for a few years, it ended up in Austria, at the Porsche Gmund Museum in the 1990s. In 2005, a passionate German company tried to restore it: Bullikartei. But unfortunately, their project did not materialize in the end… So, in 2018the Combi T1 1692 returns to the hands of the commercial division of Volkswagen.

And here we go again for a transformation…

The irony ! The famous Volkswagen T1 van, official name of the Bulli, has undergone a complete transformation in its original factory in Hanover. Everything has been redone with the aim of having the most versatile transporter in history. Despite its small power of 34 horsepower, he can go anywhere! And especially in the most remote mountains; kinda the same concept as Kurt’s. The painting has been completely redone, wooden furniture has been installed. It was launched recently, together with the Volkswagen ID.Buzz

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