Selena Gomez reveals an amazing technique for gorgeous eyelashes

Last April, singer Selena Gomez turned the web upside down with her new makeup trick that she revealed on her Tik Tok account. A simple technique to reproduce, and which could well revolutionize the way you apply your mascara.

Between the box of her make-up brand Rare Beautyand the success of her beauty videos recently launched on Tik Tok, nothing seems to stop Selena Gomez. The proof again on April 23, when the singer revealed yet another make-up tip on the Chinese social network. A video that she then calls her “simple everyday look”, and in which she reveals the makeup tips daily. Complexion, eyebrows, and even lips… nothing is left to chance by the pretty brunette, including the step of the mascara, which has aroused the curiosity of Internet users for its unconventional application technique. And for good reason, a few seconds after adorning her upper lashes with black thanks to the mascara signature of his brand with light brushstrokes, it is up to his lower eyelashes tackled by the young entrepreneur, with the help of a tweezers. The idea? pinch his lashes with this same tool soaked in mascara to define her look a little more, and give it a dramatic side. A result that takes us back to the make-up inspirations of the 60s.

Selena Gomez, her tweezers technique is going viral

Like he usually does, Selena Gomez arouses the enthusiasm of his fans, and this, at each of his beauty gestures. Her tutorial for a sublimated lower lash line at the tweezers so don’t escape it. Having gone viral as soon as it was published, the video shared by the young woman now has around 9 million views, resulting in the creation of a hashtag bearing her image. Baptized on #SelenaGomezMascaraHackthe singer therefore saw her beauty tip picked up by many influencers and beautystaswho could only validate the makeup mania initiative.

How to reproduce the tweezers technique?

To reproduce the technique of tweezers in the manner of Selena Gomeznothing could be simpler, since it only requires two objects that we all have in our beauty bags: the mascaraand the tweezers. Once equipped with the necessary equipment, all you have to do is extract a little material at the end of the tool, so as to affix it to the bottom lashes lightly pinching the hair. To avoid the package effect, we advise you not to take too much material at once: favor an application in several stages to modulate the final result. All without putting too much pressure on your eyelashes, so as not to risk injuring yourself. It’s your turn !

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