Naomi Watts Opens Up About Her Early Menopause: Her Struggle Against 'Secrecy and Shame'

At 53, the Hollywood actress has nothing left to prove. Neither on her career, nor on her femininity. In a touching testimony on social networks, she talks about her menopause and age-related taboos.

There is no question for her of ignoring what a huge part of the world’s population endures. Naomi Watts, in her fifties, indulged in a testimony on her Instagram account for her subscribers. We discover a photo of her natural, accompanied by a long caption intended to lifting taboos around menopause.

Naomi Watts went through early menopause in her late thirties

Does the word menopause scare you?“It is with these words that the superstar begins her monologue. A direct introduction, which allows her to evoke this phase of life that she has gone through. Confident she too was afraid of this word, of its meaning and its repercussions on her life as a woman, she specifies that she was confronted with it very early on. Earlier than average.”When I was in my late thirties, I finally felt ready to think about starting a family. The M word blew my doors.” Comparing the violence of the announcement to a collision with a truck.

Naomi Watts on menopause: ‘I didn’t know how to ask for help’

The actress with big blue eyes recounts her worries and her doubts, the silence that surrounds the announcement of her diagnosis of premature menopause. “How could I get away with it when no one was talking about it?” Difficult to find a comforting word in his entourage so much the astonishment is total, the taboo deep.

My mentors and my mom didn’t seem willing to discuss it, I didn’t know how to ask for help, and they didn’t know how to help me.“Same story on the side of the doctors, who are content to maintain this”silence code“.

Naomi Watts: “Getting old is a privilege”

very committed, this mother of two boys (born from her union with Liev Schreiber, Alexander born in 2007 and Samuel born in 2008) encourages everyone to break this silence, to ensure that women at the dawn of menopause or going through this phase of their existence are better represented. We’ve been underserved in media, stories and marketing for too long“, she says again, insisting that by 2025, 1 billion of the population will be menopausal.

She hopes that her message to everyone – but also to everyone, since she invites men to take part in this mission of demonizing the menopause – be the dawn of a great project: that of Wrestle “against secrecy and shamefor “creating a healthier foundation for future generations.”

Stop making women’s issues invisible, get out of the taboo of menopause, popularize and integrate these discussions into larger-scale reflections, these are the issues raised by Naomi Watts. The actress, who obviously has plans in this direction, concluded elegantly: “Aging is a privilege. It’s time for us to be proud of our experiences.” Because no, you are not alone. A speech that has the merit of highlighting this phase of life, which is often overlooked.

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