Mike Brant: these women who broke his heart

Mike Brant, honored in a documentary broadcast on France 3 on June 10, lived through very sad moments. The singer may have been adored by hordes of groupies, but his love life was very sinister. His heart was broken many times…

Just a tear in his eyes… His angelic face, his promising career and his powerful voice did not prevent mike brantwhose sad life has been traced in a documentary broadcast on France 3 on June 10, to be heartbreaking more than one time. In April 2021, his niece Yona, daughter of his brother Zvi Brand, returned to the tragic singer love life, died April 25, 1975, aged 28 after falling from the 6th floor of a Parisian building. Raised to the rank of heartthrob of these ladies, the artist nevertheless bore the hidden stigmata of his many disappointments in love. “Adored as he was, Mike has always been left by the women he loved“, she explained to Paris here.

Mike Brant, unlucky in love: we gave him everything, we took everything away from him

With Sarah ItskovitchMike Brant discover love, from the height of his 16 years. With the stewardess, ten years older than him, he is transported into a whirlwind of passion that was unknown to him until then. But their age difference does not please his family. Life separates them never to reunite them again. A hard blow for the young man, who remains madly in love with the mysterious Sarah for a long time.

Mike Brant’s niece clarified in Paris here: “Before his last companion Lena, there was Guita, a Canadian air hostess, who had difficulty accepting her career and who asked her to choose. He felt betrayed“. guitarthe famous air hostess, Mike Brant meets her in october 1973. She’s a breath of fresh air in his fast-paced idol life. Their idyll quickly turns into a passionate romance. Crazy in Love for the young woman, he throws himself headlong in this story, but his daily life as an adored artist catches up with him.

Guita is quickly tired of the incessant intrusions of groupies by Mike Brant. She fails to cope with the tumult of the celebrity of the man she loves and gives him an ultimatum: the singer must choose between his love for her and his career. At the foot of the wall, he decides to stay with the one who has always accompanied him, his music.

Mike Brant: It was his prayer

A few months later, Mike Brant takes the lead in win back the seductive Guita, flies to Canada, where she resides… but discovers her in the arms of another. Move of mercy.

Shortly afterwards, in November 1974, he attempts to commit suicide by throwing himself from the fifth-floor window of the Hotel de la Paix in Geneva, but miraculously survives. Worried, Guita calls him to check on him, but the meeting is limited to a simple phone call. With the last woman in his life, Lenaa Swedish model, Mike Brant harbored the hope of founding a family, getting married, living happily… but life, or rather death, decided otherwise.

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