Margaux Pinot: her ex Alain Schmitt, accused of domestic violence, still relaxed

Alain Schmitt, accused of domestic violence by Olympic champion Margaux Pinot, was again released on June 10. A few months earlier, the sportswoman had published a photo of her swollen face…

Another disappointment for Margaux Pinotwho accuses his ex Alain Schmitt of domestic violence. On June 10, the judo coach was again released by the Paris Court of Appeal. “I may be able to live normally“, he told RMC once the decision has been made. Alain Schmitt, the former coach of Etoile Sportive du Blanc-Mesnil and former world bronze medalist in 2013, was tried for the first time in immediate appearance on Tuesday, November 30 in Bobigny. But the court considered that there was not enough evidence of his guilt and pronounced his release. The Bobigny prosecutor’s office, which had requested a one-year suspended prison sentence against Alain Schmitt, had therefore decided to appeal. But the decision was ultimately upheld.

When Margaux Pinot showed her swollen face

In November 2021, Margaux Pinot broke the silence. The 27-year-old judoka wanted to bear witness to the violence of which she was the victim posting a photo of his bruised face. Swollen eyes and nose, bruises, deformed face… A striking post that echoed the first release of his companion and trainer Alain Schmitt, by the court of Bobigny, for lack of evidence.

Through a poignant message, the sportswoman assured to have lived a night of horror. “During the night from Saturday to Sunday, I was attacked at my home by my companion and trainer. Jhave been insulted, punched, my head was knocked to the ground several times. And finally strangled.

Margaux Pinot, shocked: “What was missing? Death at the end?”

After being martyred, the young woman managed to escape. “I thought I was dying I managed to flee to take refuge with my neighbours, who immediately called the police. I have several injuries including a broken nose and 10 days of temporary work interruption.“, adds the judoka, before emphasizing his incomprehension.

Today the justice decided to release him. What is their slanderous defense against my wounds, and the blood strewn on the floor of my apartment? What was missing? Death at the end, perhaps?“, she protests. “Judo probably saved me. And my thoughts are also for those who can’t say the same“, she concluded.

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