Laurence Boccolini cash on her divorce: the inappropriate proposal of a "known" comedian to her ex-husband

Laurence Boccolini, guest on the Jordan de Luxe set, returned to her relationship with Mickaël Fakaïlo, from whom she divorced in 2021. The host revealed that a “known” humorist had made an inappropriate proposal to her ex-husband. ..

Passing through the show At Jordan’s for Tele-Leisure June 9, Laurence Boocolini confided without language of wood on her relationship with her ex-husband, the former model Mickaël Fakaïlo who had won the contest of Mister Tahiti and finished in second place of Mister France in 2003. Faced with Jordan de Luxe, the 59-year-old host claimed to be still in contact with the father of daughter Willow, whom the couple adopted in 2013, and is now 9 years old.

Laurence Boccolini cash on his divorce

Curious to know the reasons that led the couple to separate after being married “During a very long time”, Jordan de Luxe evoked the age difference between Laurence Boccolini and Mickaël Fakaïlo, 19 years her junior. It was enough for the former emblematic presenter of the Weak link balance.

So, that, you have to be very honest, when you have a big age difference, sometimes it passes, but you have to be honest, sometimes the paths separate. And it’s normal, she admitted. However, if age may have harmed their relationship, the notoriety of the host has never bothered her companion, said the mother of the family.

“I have girlfriends who like you”: the surprising proposal ofa well-known comedian

Often questioned about her relationship, Laurence Boccolini returned to a rather surprising anecdote. The host spoke of the day when her husband got hit on before his eyes: “There was in the imagination of these people, the fact that he was not really with me (..) One day, a fairly well-known comedian came to see him saying ‘We’re having a party right after, come on, I have girlfriends you like!’ Me, I was in the car, so he stayed like that, he said: ‘But absolutely, but first you have to ask my wife’s permission!’ There you go, so they stayed a bit like that, saying to themselves ‘Ahh so, it’s true!‘.” remembered Laurence Boccolini … without revealing the identity of this cheeky comedian!

Laurence Boccolini ready to find love again?

Today single, Laurence Boccolini prefers to focus on her daughter. “My whole heart is filled with Willow“, she confided. However, she does not rule out rebuilding her lifebut not with anyone!“For now, the family organization seems well established.”Willow doesn’t know what an argument is between us (…), for her, Dad lives there, Mum lives here, but she thinks it’s very good“, she concluded.

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