Huggy Wuggy: why does he traumatize children at recess?

This blue soft toy with long, sharp teeth frightens children by pronouncing phrases that worry parents and shrinks. Huggy Wuggy, a character from a horror video game “Poppy Playtime”, is however the star of the playgrounds.

Who is Huggy Wuggy?

Initially, it is a character from the Poppy Playtime video gameranked among the horror video games, released in 2021 and only for adults (in theory). But this blue-colored character with sharp teeth was propelled on social networks, in particular on TikTok and subsequently, in the playgroundsto the point of becoming the center of conversation for little schoolchildren, particularly frightened by Huggy Wuggy!

Why does Huggy Wuggy traumatize children?

With his plush appearance, Huggy Wuggy seems almost atypical and endearing, until he reveals his smile and says sentences that mark the spirits and disturb the little ones. My name is Huggy Wuggy, I have sharp teeth that will bleed you. Don’t ever call me ugly, hug me ’til you die”, “I know where you’re hiding, don’t you know I’ll find you? It doesn’t matter where you go” can we hear through his videos posted on the Internet.

What are the consequences for the children?

Some parents sound the alarm following their child’s trauma as the consequences are real. “It’s a reality, children undergo psychological and psychiatric consultations due to the emotional impact caused“, explains a neuropsychologist on social networks. Huggy Wuggy causes great anxiety, fear and trouble sleeping in children. Huggy normalizes violent behavior and incites aggression” adds Lizette Anguiano. Indeed, in other countries, some children have even reproduced the game by whispering identical phrases in the ear of their classmates to scare them. According to the specialist, this character has a negative impact particularly on children whose “cognitive mechanisms do not allow them to differentiate between fiction and reality. Psychological damage can leave permanent scars“ she explains.

What if my child was scared by Huggy Wuggy at school?

Start by broaching the subject with your child to ask him if he has heard of this character before, and check if he is worried or if he has been afraid of it. Also be careful about their exposure on social networks, and the content they consult in order to avoid that they come across this type of online video. In effect, this game “focuses on threats, assassinations and the stimulation of fear-based anxiety“recalls the specialist. Reassure your child and help him to take a step back from this fictional character: even if he is scary and seems realistic, he will do nothing to children.

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