Fuel: the state does not earn money on taxes

According to the Prime Minister, the government would not earn a penny on fuel taxes. We admit to having a hard time believing it.

Since the beginning of the year, or even even before, the price of fuel has reached peaks, while the liter still currently exceeds the 2 € mark, whether for unleaded or diesel. This is obviously a very difficult situation for motorists, especially those who have to go to their place of work every day. Admittedly, the government made a very small gesture, by offering a discount of 18 cents on the liter of fuel, and recently confirmed that it would be extended after July 31. But it is still far from enough. Because what motorists and associations are really asking for is a reduction in taxeswhich represent around 60% of the price per litre.

Taxes do nothing

Except that the government has always refused to do so, claiming that this would represent too great a loss for the State. However, according to Elisabeth Borne, the latter would not receive a penny on the taxes, as she said during a trip to Normandy. Asked about the rise in fuel prices, the new Prime Minister simply pointed out that ” I can assure you that today the State does not earn money on the fuel taxes“. We admit to having a hard time believing it. Worse still, we know it is false.

A surplus of VAT

Indeed, the VAT (value added tax), present in two forms, a fixed and a variable indexed to the TICPE (domestic consumption tax on energy products) in the price per liter goes directly into the pockets of the state. As our colleagues from Progress report, “ compared to the start of the year, the price of a liter of SP-95 has risen from around €1.65 to €2.10, with oil rising from $80 to $120 a barrel. On these sums, the State has garnered a surplus of VAT estimated at 6 or 7 centimes per litre.e “. Nevertheless, with the deliverythis is much less profitable for the government, which would lose money.

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