Change Porsche whenever you want thanks to this subscription

Do you dream of being able to drive your favorite Porsches whenever you want? Discover this amazing subscription launched by the brand.

If there is one manufacturer that is unanimous among car enthusiasts, it is undoubtedly Porsche. And for good reason, the Stuttgart firm has been able to make several generations of young and old dream. We readily admit it, we all wanted to own a 911 at least once, and some even managed to make this wish come true. For all the others, but also the undecided and those who want to drive everything, the German brand seems to have found the solution. And for good reason, it is currently testing a brand new subscriptionwhich then allows you to change the model ad infinitum, according to your needs and desires.

Great flexibility

baptized Porsche Drive Flex, this new program has been in the testing phase since June 1 in Germany, and more specifically in Hamburg and Berlin. The concept ? For €2,899 each month, the brand allows you to drive all the vehicles in its range, and to change when you want. You can then borrow a 911 for an evening and then go to the Panamera for your vacation. The number of changes is unlimited, and it is also possible to request various color or equipment options. The vehicles are then delivered to the location of your choice within two days.

Some conditions

Please note that this program will not be open to everyone. To take advantage of it, you will indeed have to prove that you have at least five years of license, and be over 25 years old. The subscription includes 1,750 kilometers free and transferable to the following month if they have not been covered, as well as various ancillary costs such as assistance and battery charging for electric models. On the other hand, and as you can imagine, fuel costs are obviously not included in the price.

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