A new E-Type Jaguar parades for Queen Elizabeth II

On the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Parade, a completely modernized Jaguar E-Type made its debut. It was largely made to measure, at the request of an anonymous owner.

Jaguar celebrated Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee by presenting 15 of his cars during the Platinum Jubilee parade on June 5, 2022. Among an all-electric ​I-PACE eTROPHY racing Jaguar, seven Jaguar convertibles and an selection of historic Jaguar E-Typesthere was a very special version of the legendary Type E including a series of improvements carried out by the expert technicians of Classic Works.

Specific requirements

Ordered by an anonymous customer specific requirements, this 1968 example goes even further than the usual restorations offered by Jaguar Classic. The happy owner who will remain anonymous wanted a roadster made in the year of his birth and finished to bespoke specifications. The Jaguar Classic team got to work and thus found a Type E Series 1 built just two days after the customer’s date of birth.

long labor

Over the next 12 months, the car was completely rebuilt, starting with the bodywork. The new metallic blue finish deep, inspired by the blue of the Union Jack was obtained after several months of work. Something to shine on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee!

Modern but classic

Besides the bodywork, the interior has also been restored with a leather upholstery in a red finish inspired by English letterboxes, and has been hand finished using traditional methods. The interior has also been modernized with the addition of a new touchscreen multimedia system which however takes up a classic style so as not to mismatch.

Improved technique

Under the hood, the original 4.2-litre straight-six engine has been replaced with a more powerful 4.7 liter engine which offers superior performance. It is associated with a specially developed five-speed gearbox by Jaguar Classic. The suspension has also been reinforced to improve the driving experience while the tires and brakes have also been improved. The owner will thus be able to take full advantage of it during the “Grand Tours” for which this “new” classic E-Type is intended.

Although the project was largely bespoke, Jaguar says that some items are available to all E-type owners like the five-speed gearbox and the Classic infotainment system.

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