A bicycle crashes into a bus after running a red light!

In the United Kingdom, a cyclist was filmed while committing a serious fault! He was surely in a hurry, to the point of not stopping in front of a red light. Unfortunately, he was not spared and ran into a bus. A not very costly accident, but which made him understand that traffic lights should be respected by all road users.

In France, cycling is becoming more and more common. In recent years, many people have switched to two wheels in a more economical and ecological approach. But also, many studies have shown that in town, the bike is faster than the car. However, like all other forms of transport, it is a regulated means of transport and… which involves risks!

And bam… the bus!

In the United Kingdom, a biker filmed a rather surprising scene with his smartphone that leaves road users perplexed and dumbfounded. Indeed, we see him being overtaken by a bike in a bad hurry (too much?), which ends up throwing itself straight into a bus. The cyclist did not wait for the light to turn green. Nothing could stop him! He didn’t even have time to brake. the bus driver couldn’t do anything to avoid it either. Big fright for the 2 road users! Apparently, the cyclist forgot that the traffic lights were for use by all means of transport, including two wheels. Ignorance or distraction?

Obey the traffic lights…

Reminder: traffic lights concern all road users: pedestrians, cars, motorcycles, bicycles or scooters. No means of transport is spared. These lights ensure road safety and facilitate the flow of traffic. You take the road, you respect the signs… ba;-ba of the Highway Code. They are the ones who govern the order of passage at intersections. So, to avoid accidents, however small, whatever your machine, learn to respect them!

Bicycle accidents: different causes

Each year, 160 cyclists are killed on French territory. Bicycle accidents can be caused by moving or non-moving obstacles, by another motorized vehicle, by traffic conditions, or simply by inadvertence or disobedience of the Highway Code, as is the case with this cyclist. Contrary to popular belief, the bicycle is not a means of transport more dangerous than another! good news ! It should be noted, however, that the frequency of these accidents has decreased in recent years. The more cyclists there are, the less accidents there are…

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