This rolling thing exceeds 800 horsepower!

Before the 21st century, itinerant milk trucks were essential to have fresh milk because many people did not yet have a refrigerator. They crisscrossed all the streets to provide housing, especially in the United States! Today, this is no longer relevant. So, enthusiasts had other projects for these vans…

A Divco milk truck

Previously in the cities of America, to order milk, residents could just call them without leaving their homes. A company then invented trucks for these suppliers in 1926: the Divco which means Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company. She made milk trucks called Milk Trucks; at slightly rounded shape. These trucks looked a lot like the front end of a Chrysler Airflow. It is in this type of truck that Nick and his father have invested and renovated to breathe new life into it.

An ambitious and unusual project!

Nick and his father are car enthusiasts. Between them, they have done 5 crazy projects together. And this will not be the last! They fell in love with Divco and had a great idea: renovate this old milk truck with an extraordinary face. To give it some pep, they decided to replace its engine with another, more efficient. The new engine is a Big Block Chevrolet capable of producing over 815 horsepower. As we know, the Big Block is a large displacement V8 engine, widely used in North America for vans or pick-ups.

So… The result?

For the exterior, nothing has been changed. Both men have kept the retro look of the van. However, they replaced the motor and completely renovated the interior of the vehicle in order to give it a new life. The old engine was replaced with a new one, that of a 1995 Chevroletwhich gives the truck a strong 815 horsepower. He was taken to a track where he reached the maximum speed of 183 Km/h. An impressive figure for a simple milk truck! As for the interior,… nothing to do with the old one anymore! Wooden floors have been installed, a sound system as well as seats of a Dodge caravan. A new unrecognizable and super powerful milk truck is born!

Check out the video of this new milk truck below:

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