The Next Day Concept: When Lynk&Co gets loose!

Do you only know Lynk&Co? Those most in the know may already be introduced to his concept of an SUV to rent and share. The most keen on motorsports will undoubtedly remember the record of the 03 on the Nürburgring. But as a general rule, we cannot say that Lynk&Co is the most popular in France. This Chinese brand, which recently landed in Europe and France, is nevertheless part of the Geely group in the same way as Volvo.

Hybrid plug-in

Some will make the shortcut by saying that its 01 SUV is nothing more or less than a rebadged plug-in Volvo XC40and they won’t be entirely wrong. But what is this thing then? Here is The Next Day concept, a 4-seater coupe whose opening doors are not really like the others. Nor does the car. Because contrary to what we are used to seeing lately, it is not yet another electric car, but a plug-in hybrid car!

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5 seconds and 150 km

Under this almost 5 m long body can hide different engine options. The most powerful of them should bring down the 0 to 100 km/h around 5 seconds. Not bad for a vehicle that promises an electric range varying between 60 and 150 km depending on the version ! If a series version is on the brand’s program, this concept also announces the outline of the design of future models.

Will we only see the color?

The problem is that, as mentioned above, Lynk&Co is a Chinese brand that is not very developed in France. This concept has also been presented in China where the brand is well established with a full range! Will this giant coupé find its way to Europe, land where SUVs are kings? Nothing is less sure, and it’s a shame, because a car like that, we would have rented it for 500 € per month. Not you ?

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