Karine Ferri, madly in love: unpublished PHOTO of her wedding

Karine Ferri did not hesitate to share a lovely snapshot of her wedding, to celebrate her three years of union with footballer Yoann Gourcuff. A tribute message to the one who has shared his life for more than a decade.

These two love each other for a long time, without a doubt. Yet very discreet about their private life, Karine Ferri and footballer Yoann Gourcuff sometimes offer their fans behind-the-scenes images of their life of happiness. Because if the facilitator values ​​her privacy, she also knows how to find the right balance between sharing and modesty. This June 8, the young woman, who has just celebrated her 40th birthday, lifted the veil on a tender snapshot of her as a bride, a nod to her union celebrated 3 years earlier with her sports husband.

Karine Ferri: her declaration of love to Yoann Gourcuff to celebrate their 3 years of marriage

On a black and white image, we guess the pretty brunette from behind, her hair loose in elegant wavy, adorned with a light tulle veil. The face surrounded by wild locks, the one we imagine moved on the picture offers us a closer look at her sublime floral lace wedding dress. Sober and sunny, Karine Ferri captioned this photo with two red hearts and the hashtag #YK, for Yoann and Karine. A discreet declaration, which leaves no room for doubt, intended for those who have shared their life for more than ten years.

Karine Ferri and Yoann Gourcuff: “Happy wedding anniversary!”

Very followed on social networks, the charm asset of TF1 immediately won all the votes with its community (of some 711,000 subscribers!), congratulating it on its shared happiness. “Happy wedding anniversary“, “happy birthday love“, or Long life to your couple“, admirers of Karine Ferri commented with great kindness on this rare shot of her in a wedding dress.

Three years ago, Karine and Yoann said yes in the Var, in the Saint-Victor church in the small village of La Motte. An intimate and romantic ceremony, on which the two protagonists remained discreet.

Karine Ferri, her dream wedding with Yoann Gourcuff

For their cotton wedding – a year after the festivities – Karine Ferri had already shared an unpublished photo of her union with footballer Yoann Gourcuff. We then saw them tenderly entwined, exchanging a kiss at the end of a dance, in a dream setting within the sumptuous Domaine des Grottes. On this day, she will entrust to TV Major Channels: “I had the wedding I always dreamed of.” A wedding as an evidence for lovers, together for 11 years.

Karine Ferri, married with two children: a fulfilled woman

When they met in 2011, Karine Ferri always wanted to preserve her secret garden, she who had experienced the overmediatization of her story with the singer Gregory Lemarchaltragically swept away by cystic fibrosis in 2007. Determined not to reveal too much about her relationship with Yoann Gourcuff, she nevertheless shared the highlights of her romance, such as the births of her two children, Maël in 2016 and Claudia in 2018. Pacsé in 2017, the couple decided to take the next step on June 8, 2019 with a magical wedding in the South of France.

There are things in my life that cannot be explained and this man is my other“, she confided very moved to Nikos Aliagas in September 2019. Today, the lovebirds and their two children live their best life in Brittany. A life made of round trips by train for the host of TF1 who works in Paris. A life between “shadow and light”which fills Karine Ferri with happiness.

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