Its engine breaks at 43,600 km: the quote is AMAZING!

Disaster for our reader: the engine of her Renault Grand Scénic has given up the ghost, and the manufacturer refuses to pay for the repairs.

While SUVs are more popular than ever with families, some motorists continue to opt for a large minivan. This is the case of one of our loyal Auto Plus readers, from Dreux (28), who chose a Renault Grand Scenic.

In the spring of 2018, she signed a LOA (lease with option to buy) contract for a car fitted with the 1.5-litre dCi 110 horsepower Hybrid Assist engine. Formerly an executive car, the model is relatively recent, since it was registered at the end of 2017 and only displayed 6,500 km.

Many malfunctions

Unfortunately, this Grand Scénic has since accumulated problems: the fan motor gave up the ghost at 32,800 km, and the battery was replaced at 38,000 km.

But the coup de grace was dealt last summer, when the car was broke down at 43,600 km, and was towed to a garage. It took him several days to establish the diagnosis of this major breakdownyet occurred at low mileage.

Support refused

The engine is indeed out of orderand the amount of repairs listed on the estimate is staggering: no less than 10.162 € ! Indeed, in addition to the engine block, it is necessary to change other elements, such as the turbo.

In addition to this bad news, the dealer announces that Renault refuses to participate in the costs: in fact, the manufacturer accuses him of having carried out his interviews late. Our reader then finds herself in great difficulty.

Our defense strategy

Our reader’s Grand Scénic file does indeed show that some revisions were carried out late, but these did not exceed three months.

But between two visits, the mileage has changed very little: from approximately 12,000 to 19,000 km, which is much less than the 30,000 km provided for in the manufacturer’s maintenance plan. Renault must therefore bear the costs of repair of our reader, up to at least 80%.

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