Fuel: soon the end of the cost price?

According to Michel-Edouard, the government will ban the sale of fuel at cost price from August, as part of the Climate Law. What is it really ?

For several months, brands and distributors have multiplied promotional operations, in order to help motorists while the price of fuel is still very high. It is also a way of attracting customers to supermarkets, as is particularly the case for Casino, which offers a discount on the price of petrol and diesel, taking the form of a voucher to spend the next day in the store. We also think of Leclerc, known in particular for his offer ” fuel at cost“. The concept is simple: the distributor is cutting back on its margin in order to reduce the price paid by customers. Except that, according to Michel-Edouard Leclerc, director of the company, this little gift will soon no longer be possible.

The fault of the Climate law

The boss indeed spoke at the microphone of France 2, and affirmed that ” from August 22 for the start of the holidays, I will no longer have the right, it’s the Climate law“. He goes on to point out that “ it wasn’t stupid, the idea was to promote fossil fuels more (…) Even if there is an ecological emergency, I think we have to let people like us sell cheaper fuels , and to be able to say it“. But the Climate lawwhich will effectively come into force next August, will it really prevent the sale of fuel at cost price?

A different measure

In reality, this is not really the case, and distributors will still be able to offer this operation. On the other hand, what this law will prohibit is to promote fossil fuels, and therefore fuel, as is already the case for cigarettes. An implementing decree is currently being drafted, in order to define the energies concerned and the types of advertising prohibited.

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