Disney +: Miss Marvel, program in June, Strange World

Here are the cartoons, films and series not to be missed in June on Disney Plus! The platform also announced that the Christmas film Strange World will be broadcast exclusively on the platform, and not in cinemas in France.

What movies and cartoons to see in June on Disney Plus?

[Mise à jour du 8 juin 2022 à 11h35]. For the May, Disney+ offers its subscribers a program rich in adventures and emotions. You’ll love reuniting with the intrepid Sadie Sparks, rediscovering classics like The Waltz of the Puppets and many Marvel series, and applauding new releases like Hollywood Stargirl and Baymax!. Here are the family news coming for the month of June:

  • Mickey Mouse club (June 1)
  • Abbot Elementary (June 1)
  • Clem, season 12 (June 1)
  • A fan’s guide to Miss Marvel (June 1)
  • Sadie Sparks (June 1)
  • Hollywood Star Girl (June 3)
  • The waltz of the puppets (June 3)
  • Miss Marvel (June 8)
  • Beyond Infinity: Buzz Lightyear Making-Off (June 10)
  • my great ex (June 10)
  • Soprano: to life, to death (June 15)
  • To start all over (June 15)
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix (June 17)
  • Treasures under the sea, season 4 (June 22)
  • Trevor: The Musical (June 24). Trevor, a 13-year-old teenager with a wild imagination, seeks to find his place in the difficult society of the 80s. After an embarrassing incident in college, he is now left with no choice but to find the courage to trace his own way. This is how he embarks on an eventful journey to discover himself…
  • Toy Story 4 (June 27)
  • Baymax! (June 29)
  • Motherland: Fort Salem – season 2 (June 29)

New Marvel series from the end of June on Disney Plus

Fans of the Marvel universe have something to celebrate: Disney+ announces the arrival of new series on the platform from June 29, 2022! Already acclaimed by fans, these Live Action series are Dardevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, iron fist, The Defendersand The Punisher. So many soap operas that superhero fans will immediately love. But beware, they are not suitable for all ages! “With the addition of these new titles, subscribers are encouraged to review parental control settings to ensure the best viewing experience for them and their families,” Disney+ said in a statement.

disney more marvel
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  • Marvel Studios Daredevil – Complete (June 29)
  • Marvel Studios Iron Fist – Complete (June 29)
  • Marvel Studios Jessica Jones – Complete (June 29)
  • Marvel Studios Luke Cage – Complete (June 29)
  • Marvel Studios The Defenders – complete (June 29)
  • Marvel Studios The Punisher – Complete (June 29)

What’s new in 2022 on Disney Plus?

Strange World

For the first time, the Disney cartoon that we will see during the Christmas holidays will not be released in France at the cinema, but exclusively on Disney Plus. This is what the American group announced on June 8, 2022, tired of being forced to wait 17 months after the animated film was broadcast in cinemas before being able to make it available on its platform. And when the animated film is broadcast on television channels such as TF1 or M6, it must be temporarily withdrawn. At the end of the year, Strange Word will therefore be offered exclusively on Disney Plus.

cars on the road

Pixar’s upcoming “Cars” series will take Martin and Lightning McQueen on a hilarious road trip across the United States.

Pinocchio, from September 8 on Disney Plus

Scheduled for the fall, this film by Robert Zemeckis will delight young and old alike, thanks to live action and visual effects. Rediscover the famous story of this wooden puppet determined to live the most thrilling adventure to become a real little boy and find Geppetto, the old sculptor who considers his puppet as his own son. With Tom Hanks, Cynthia Erivo, and Luke Evans.

Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

In 2022, Disney Plus is planning surprises and exclusives, such as Ice Age, The Adventures of Buck Wild. Children will love rediscovering the new hilarious escapades of our favorite prehistoric mammals. Crash and Eddie, the opossum brothers, set off in search of a habitat just for them, to get away from their sister a little. But they soon find themselves stuck in a huge underground cavern. Buck, the one-eyed weasel, comes to their rescue. Together, they must face the rebellious dinosaurs that inhabit the Underworld.


In 2022, find a series of new short films from the Walt Disney animation studios that will immerse you in the metropolis of these funny hyperactive mammals.


This Disney+ original production is a rousing musical film that will get the whole family in the mood. Tie your shoelaces and let yourself be carried away in the small world of New York basketball, which brings the story of Cinderella up to date.

Disney+ catalog: must-see films and cartoons

Disney+ brings together all the universes: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic

The Star Wars saga and The Mandalorian

Disney + has opened the doors to a large catalog of films and series for young and old. Starting with the stamped series Star Wars, The Mandaloriana creation Disney+Originals. All Star Wars can also be viewed from the platform, and the animated series The Clone Wars ! The second season has been streaming on Disney+ since October 30 2020 to the delight of its fans who discover 8 new episodes. During this new season, Mando and Baby Yoda continue their journey, face numerous enemies and rally allies as they traverse a dangerous galaxy.

Disney and Disney Pixar classics

The Disney+ catalog of course offers classics of its own, in large numbers such as 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, or even The Snow Queen: no less than 500 promise the creators. Want to do it again Pixar collection ? It is also possible with Toy Story 4, Cars, or even Ratatouille.

The Marvel Universe

For the teenage marvel fans, good news, the films are complete. Thor, Avengers, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Spiderman, X-Men, Captain America, Iron Man… Superpowered heroes are invading the living room to save us!

Simpsons, Malcom… The cult series

The list is still long, for a very rich catalog that is not only for children. Nostalgic for cult series? You can take the opportunity to redo yourself the complete Simpsons, Malcolm or Futurama. Leisure therefore, but also culture with National Geographic signature programs. The platform continues to produce original series, which it broadcasts drop by drop, and which arrive just after their broadcast in the United States.

Disney Star, a new offer on Disney Plus

Disney Plus launched a new offer called Disney Star on February 23. Intended for adults and teenagersit offers more than 40 sets (Big Sky, Lie to me, Modern family, Sons of anarchy) and 250 movies as Pretty Woman, titanic, the devil wears Prada or the Planet of the Apes. Also on the program, the film saga Alien Where Labyrinth, Romeo + Juliet, 6 days 7 nights Where Kazakhstan. Star will also broadcast original series, such as the thriller BigSky from producer David E. Kelley, the romantic comedy Love, Victor or the animated series Solar Opposites. In addition, parents who wish to watch Star will be able to protect their children from sensitive content by creating a profile for each member of the household (indicating the age of the latter) and by conditioning the access of each profile to a PIN code. The youngest will thus be able to continue watching their cartoons on Disney+ without their parents worrying! The Star offer is included in the Disney + subscription which increases by 2 euros per month for new subscribers. Old subscribers will not see their subscription increase until August 2021.

Child profile and parental controls on Disney+

On Disney+, you can create up to six profiles, with access for the little ones. The child profile is created from the home page and acts as a parental control. When you choose the child account, as on Netflix, the films offered are adapted to the age of the youngest. Thus, films not recommended for children or with an age limit offered in the Disney + catalog do not appear in the suggestions. Children will therefore find categories such as “Mickey and Friends”, “Animals and Nature”, or “Disney Junior“. Feature films like the sagas Star Wars Where Pirates of the Caribbean, Avatar, or even Marvel films are no longer offered, leaving parents the choice of allowing their children to watch them from their personalized profile.

On February 23, a new parental control feature” will be put in place and will allow, in addition to the ‘child profile’, to create profiles by age (from 6 years and over) in order to provide access to the content of the service in line with the user’s age. Since January already, films like “Peter Pan”, “Lady and the Tramp”, “The Jungle Book”, “Dumbo” or even “The Aristocats”, which according to some convey racist clichés, are no longer accessible. by child profiles but can be viewed by adults.

How much does the Disney+ subscription cost?

A Disney + subscription costs 66.99 euros per year. Or, if you prefer, you can subscribe to a monthly subscription at 6.99 euros. The formula is non-binding. To cancel it, simply make a request. The termination then takes effect at the end of the payment period. Another possibility: subscribe to Disney + on your box. But it is not accessible independently like Netflix, it must be subscribed to within a Canal + pack. The channel is the only one to benefit from the partnership. This allows you to access the entire Canal film/series offer, for the sum of 36.90 euros per month.

Disney+ comes as an app. You can download on all media : smartphones, tablets, computers, connected televisions (via the myCANAL application) or game consoles. Amazon Fire tablets and Fire TV sticks also allow you to watch the Disney + channel. Finally, it is possible to create 7 user profilesto be simultaneously accessible on 4 screens different and from download videos without limitation on 10 devices. Unlike Netflix whose price of the different subscriptions gives access to more or less services, the single subscription at 6.99 euros from Disney + is sufficient for all these options. On the quality side, Disney+ plans to put some videos in 4K. Ideal for watching classics in cinema mode at home!

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