Discover this unstoppable make-up technique for successful passport photos

Tired of no longer recognizing yourself in your own passport photos? Tik Tok offers you to adopt the make-up that will change the face of your papers forever. Effects and means of making it your own, we tell you everything.

Failing light, unflattering posture and expression… The result of the shots fresh out of the photo booth is often not what we thought it was. This is where the social network Tik Tok comes in, with a new makeup tip to deliver: that of special make-up official photos. A concept developed by tik toker Georgia Barratt last April on her personal account. His idea ? Playing with light through makeup, to give her face the impression of a lifted complexion, at least in photos. A principle which, according to the number of videos containing the tutorial of the young woman, offers a solution that is, to say the least, bluffing.

How to make up for a photo ID?

To get the best possible results from her photos, videographer Georgia Barratt swears by one word: the “lift” effect. First step in this process? The eyebrowswhich she directly fixes upwards using a bottle brush and a fixing gel, in her case the Got 2 Be by Schwarzkopf. A fluid that she roughly applies over the entire length of her eyebrows, focusing particularly on the tip of the latter. All without failing to discipline the head for effect fox eyes, super trendy. Subsequently, it is on the complexion that the main interested party concentrates, starting by applying a moisturizing base, before using a semi-covering foundation, the Light Reflecting Foundation from Nars, known for its finish glowing.

For an ever more look lifted, the young woman then recommends applying a layer of concealer over the entire width of the dark circle up to the temple, blending it in with a makeup sponge. A process that she then repeats in a thin layer under the eyebrow to add a touch of light. Georgia Barratt underlines the importance of the symmetry of the lines placed under the eyebrows, to obtain the desired result in photography. Once this step is over, place the outline, one of the key moments of make-up! To do this, she pats her temples, the top of her cheekbones according to the natural inclination of her cheeks, the lines of her chin and her nose, using a cream bronzer. To finish the complexion, she recommends applying a few touches of liquid blush on the top of her cheekbones, before drawing a thin line of eyeliner on her eyelids, up to the inner corner of the eye. Thereafter, all you have to do is curl your eyelashes, and apply a coat of mascara, before penciling in your eyebrows for a more defined look. A touch of lip liner and nude gloss and you’re done. Say goodbye to the scourge of wasted passport photos!

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