Camille Combal "struggled" with his wife Marie Treille Stefani: she "took 3 years" to...

Usually discreet about his private life, Camille Combal indulged in rare confidences. The host, now a young dad, rowed with his wife, Marie Treille Stefani…

The iconic host of Dance with the stars Where Mask Singer recently took the reins of anew program on TF1 called So what?. In this game, celebrities compete around a series of questions on the daily life of the French. In a new episode broadcast on Tuesday June 7, the 40-year-old host, rather discreet when it comes to his private life, indulged in rare secrets about the beginnings of a relationship with his wife.

Camille Combal: his wife took a long time to tell him “I love you”

It was on the occasion of a question on the theme of love that Camille Combal revealed a little more about her love story with the columnist of Well & Well on France 2. Olivier Baroux, Bertrand Usclat and Tarek Boudali had to answer the question: “At the start of a relationship, do the French wait more or less than three months to say I love you?“. A question that did not really inspire the candidates, since they sought help from the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna. Married to journalist Marie Treille Stefani since July 12, 2019, Camille Combal admitted to having rowed a little at the start of her relationship.

Me, the problem is that I struggled a lot. I told her very quickly, and she, She took like 3 years to tell me. JI told him after an hour and a half“, he confided with humor. Despite this small discrepancy, the couple has just celebrated their 8 years of love. “We are still together today. It’s been 8 years a week ago“, he reported.

Camille Combal exhausted by his new life as a dad

Camille Combal has just welcomed her first child. If he did not confide in the arrival of the baby, the young mother confirmed the happy news on the occasion of Mother’s Day on her Instagram account on May 29. “Happy Birthday Mom. Becoming a mom made me realize how absolute this role is, a whirlwind that overturns everything. The most beautiful of miracles“, she had written.

For his part, Camille Combal showed his subscribers a little of his daily life as a young dad. In an Instagram story, the host appeared in bed, visibly exhausted from a sleepless night. While his wife sang the nursery rhyme “oh the crocodiles“, the star presenter of TF1 seemed at the end of the line. The life of a young dad is not easy every day…

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