Bruno Sanches (HPI) victim of a serious accident

We know him for his antics on the small screen, his expressive face. In a few years, actor Bruno Sanches has become a famous comedian. But the star of the HPI series had a tragic accident and almost became a quadriplegic…

With her curls and her big questioning eyes, Bruno Sanches has this je-ne-sais-quoi of the face of cinema. Headliner of the series HPI alongside the sparkling Audrey Fleurot, the actor interprets the role of the nice cop, Gilles Vandraud. A character in his image, as told The Parisian who met him. This UFO of the small screen delivers with sincerity on his personal history, his doubts, his career and the accident that could have broken it.

Bruno Sanches, a childhood in the spotlight

After passing the first years of his life in Portugal where his family is from, Bruno Sanches returns to France, where his mother is a housekeeper and his father co-founder of the radio station of the Portuguese community in Ile-de-France Alfa Radio. Very early on, his parents detected in the little boy an innate talent for comedy. He spends castings, connects commercials, roles on the small screen in particular in the trilogy Swedish matches (1996). Later, he joined the prestigious school of Cours Florent, where he perfected his game and worked on team spirit.

Bruno Sanches: student at Cours Florent, he falls and breaks his neck

Without taboo, the actor recounts this extraordinary journey, where he narrowly escaped the “melon“what some actors can take. “I took flabs and it calmed me down“. Further specifying that“in fact, we never arrived“. If he works hard, he escapes the worst as he still confides in the columns of the Parisian.

As a sophomore, he “breaks the neck during acrobatics“. A terrible accident that severs part of his spinal cord. If the prognosis is worrying, he no longer has any sensation below the neck, the young man clings to his chances of recovery, however small.

Bruno Sanches, victim of a terrible accident: “It’s a chance to be alive”

Two operationsrequiring dozens of hours, Bruno Sanches shows unfailing optimism: “I started to believe in positive thoughts thanks to a doctor who told me: there is a 70% chance that the operation will not work again, but 30% depends on your mental strength..” Resolutely positive, he clings to his chances of getting out of it: “This accident was a turning point (…) Before the accident, I felt strong like a 20-year-old man. And there, life tells you if I want, I’ll take you. It’s lucky to be aliveyou.”

Revealed to the general public thanks to the improbable tandem formed with Alex Lutz in Catherine and Liliane, Bruno Sanches has left his female avatar in the closet to better reveal the extent of his talent. Faced with the cardboard of the series HPIon TF1 alongside Audrey Fleurot, Bruno Sanches enjoys the recognition of his peers, while having the modest triumph: “It doesn’t make me dizzy because, as a friend of my wife would say: one day you sleep at the hotel, another on the floor.” A modesty that he maintains with his relatives, his wife Camille, photographer, and his two children aged 8 and 5.

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