You will never see a Honda Beat on European roads and for good reason since this little two-seater convertible was never officially imported to us. You have to turn to the import gurus to hope to find one.

Soichiro Honda’s Will

The Beat has a special history since it is the last car approved and put on the market during Soichiro Honda’s lifetime, the emblematic founder of the brand. Like the F40 for Ferrari, which was the last machine to receive the Commendatore’s blessing, this tiny roadster exudes an almost mystical aura.


However, this keijidosha, a microscopic city dweller found only in Japan, is of Italian origin. It is indeed Pininfarina who designed the Beat in the first place. Subsequently, the respectable transalpine company sold the project to Honda who put it to good use.

Like many Honda brand cars, the Beat does not have a turbocharger. The 656 cc engine has the MTREC (Multi Throttle Responsive Engine Control) system, producing 64 hp at 8,100 rpm. Only manual transmission is available. All models had an optional airbag. Which is quite rare for a car of such modest size. The Beat weighs only 760 kilos and is only 3,295 mm long!

rude awakening

Around 33,600 cars were produced. Two-thirds sold in the first year on the market, and from 1992 production and sales of the Beat plummeted. Indeed, in the fall of 1991, Japan was shaken by a politico-economic scandal and thethe economic bubble bursts. The awakening is brutal for the Japanese who have to tighten their belts. Most of them having lost all their savings in the adventure. The Japanese therefore no longer have the head to afford pleasure cars like the Beat. Sayonara!

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