We are not going to lie to each other, karting is arguably one of the most fun motorsports. Firstly because it is accessible to everyone, really everyone, and then because such a small machine can provide a lot of thrills! Taking the wheel of a competition karting is undoubtedly at least as exhilarating as driving a real supercar, sometimes even as fast…

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On track only

But if there is one thing you shouldn’t do is drive these little beasts on open roads. We have already seen it several times in the past, kart accidents can be very violent, so best to stay in a controlled environment. Especially since there is practically nothing to protect you! Touching a much bigger and heavier car can end in disaster… Karts are also prohibited on the open road. What this pilot knows very well…

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Despite common sense

Despite everything, this daredevil decided to go for a ride on the road in his mini-racing car. And what a mini car! Even when driving “calmly”, it easily catches up with the car in front of it! He knows how to go for it… Well, at first everything seems to be going well… until the moment when he passes a police car on the opposite lane. Panicked, the pilot then begins to do anything!

unconscious behavior

As he realizes that he has just crossed paths with the police, he hesitates… Finally, he makes the worst possible decision and smashes the gas pedal! Launched at full speed, no doubt with the aim of putting the greatest possible distance between him and the police, it passes between the two lanes of traffic while cars come from the wrong direction! Completely unconscious behavior when he is not even certain of being prosecuted…

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