Xinge RV: here is the cheapest electric motorhome on the market!

The offer of motorhomes is varied, but this unusual Chinese model, the Xinge RV, is the cheapest electric motorhome on the market.

The Asian automobile market is known to house exceptional models, due to their size or their particularly affordable price: this is the case of the Xinge RVan unusual motorhome equipped with an electric motor, and offered at an unbeatable price on the Alibaba site in China.

This Chinese manufacturer, Henan Xinge Motorcycle, specializes in tricycles and other tuk-tuks, powered by internal combustion engines or 100% electric. The Xinge RV is based on an electric tricycle, initially intended for the transport of goods: a nasturtium cell has been grafted to the rear, and it houses the necessary to go on an adventure in a motorhome.

Xinge RV: compact dimensions

With 3.5 meters long1.4 meters wide and 2.35 meters high, the Xinge RV offers dimensions that could not be more compact for a motorhome: it nevertheless offers inside a bench seat convertible into a bed for two people, a table, a kitchen area with a sink and a small refrigerator, several storage cupboards, and even a television.

At the rear, the model even houses a small shower, a tailgate and a sliding gas stove that can be used outdoors: this is accessible via a small hatch, located on the right rear side of the vehicle. Up front, there is unfortunately no additional berth, but the alcove located above the driver’s cabin serves as additional storage space.

Xinge RV: a small battery

The manufacturer of the Xinge RV does not reveal much information about this model, except for a maximum speed of 45 km/han empty weight of around 650 kg, as well as the capacity of the battery: 7.2kWh only.

Autonomy should therefore not be exceptional, but solar panels can come as a backup to produce electricity, which is used to power on-board equipment.

Xinge RV: an unbeatable price

The strong point of the Xinge RV is above all its price: it is marketed for the equivalent ofaround 4,500 euros, and if you order more than 50 copies, its price is even decreasing! It goes to 4,200 euros per unit.

However, we should not see such a model land in Europe: indeed, the safety standards being much stricter in our regions, there is little chance that the Xinge RV can be approved as it is…

Source: Alibaba

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