Wedding anniversaries: weddings and years, gift ideas

10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years of marriage… Celebrating your wedding anniversary is an opportunity to prove your love as on the first day. But do you know the meanings of wedding nuptials? Discover the wedding gifts to offer according to the wedding.

[Mise à jour du 8 juin 2022]. Your wedding anniversary is the occasion, each year, to celebrate your love which develops and grows richer. So, how to celebrate such an event? What do the wedding anniversary and what are their meanings ? Here are several possibilities to celebrate your wedding anniversaries and some gift ideas. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary corresponds to a theme. Thus, we are talking about cotton wedding for the 1st birthday, leather wedding for the 2nd wedding anniversary and wheaten wedding for the 3rd. Then come the weddings of wax, wood, the weddings of Cyprus, wool, the poppy, earthenware, pewter… Each year therefore corresponds to a material that becomes more and more solid over time, to recall the union spouses. In France, the longest union lasted 81 years. We then talked about Carnelian wedding. But nothing tells us that we will not one day reach the water wedding with 100 years of marriage ! In any case, if you want to follow the tradition, you can organize your wedding anniversary by taking up the theme that corresponds. The same goes for gifts.

Which anniversaries for which weddings?

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What to do to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Of course, it all depends on you! Your imagination is the only limit to organize your wedding anniversary ! For example, you can organize an intimate one-on-one evening or a party with your friends and family. For the first solution, more romantic, we will go for a restaurant that you particularly like, a meal by candlelight at home or, why not, a romantic weekend. The organization of a party is, more generally, reserved for “big birthdays”, such as those of 10, 20, 30 years of marriage. In this context, one can also decide to renew one’s vows. This renewal can take place in the Church, where the ceremony is led by a clergyman, or in any place of your choice. You can then ask someone close to you (your best man, one of your children, your parents, etc.) to take care of it. People also celebrate their wedding anniversary. They do not hesitate to share photos in memory of their marriage or a dinner at the restaurant to celebrate their love.

What gifts to give for a wedding anniversary?

The most traditionalists will indeed prefer to offer gifts that correspond to the wedding anniversary. For example, for the first birthday, we can offer a cotton bunch or pretty stockings for the bride and a sweater or new boxers for the groom. Of course, it may be more difficult, depending on the birthday theme to find some gifts. Nickel (28), Paper (37), or Mink (59) may not appeal to everyone. It is therefore perfectly normal to move away from these themes. Be that as it may, to celebrate a decade of marriage, we will favor large gifts of the type travel, posh restaurant, jewelry. For “intermediate” birthdays, all sorts of things are possible: slippers, clothes, unusual experience (parachute jump, racing circuit, etc.). If you’re having a great party, with or without renewal of vows, know this: the list is to be avoided!

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