There are many incivilities against radar cars

According to the Ministry of the Interior, drivers of private radar cars are regularly subjected to malicious acts.

For some years now, the government has entrusted the management of radar cars to private companies. The goal ? Reduce the workload of law enforcement in this area, and thus allow them to focus on other missions. In addition, this practice also makes it possible to drive the vehicles much more, their driver then being solely dedicated to this mission. Today, private radar cars circulate on average 5h30 hours a day, compared to around 1h30 for those driven by police and gendarmes. With the key, many more verbalizations, Of course. Not to mention the fact that these vehicles are totally unmarked and therefore strictly impossible to spot in traffic. An invisibility little appreciated by Laurent Collorig, formerly head of the Coordination Unit for the Fight against Road Insecurity.

Unidentifiable cars

Indeed, for him two agents in an unmarked car flashing cars that are driving too fast, this does not allow for prevention. However, prevention is also at the heart of our mission “. Precisely, some MEPs would like these vehicles to be more identifiable by road users, so as not to trap them. A measure that the government does not plan to put in place, as confirmed by the interior ministry in a response published on April 19. He then argues that drivers already suffer too many malicious acts.

Too dangerous ?

The ministry points out that: malicious acts against drivers, most of them fortunately not serious, are regularly observed“. He goes on to say that ” more dangerous acts also occur (following / braking, blocking of the vehicle, physical aggression, degradation), some of which have given rise to the filing of a complaint or handrail “. For the government » it seems irrelevant to carry out a specific marking of radar cars, at the risk of exposing these civilian personnel even more“.

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