Speeding on the A34 motorway: flashed at ... 269 km / h!

While the gendarmes of Haute-Marne were carrying out speed checks, they came across a driver who abused it: a record with 271 km / h. A totally crazy speeding while the limit is set at 130 km / h in this area. Until then, as sanctions, the driver’s license was obviously withdrawn and his car was confiscated. We have no info on the car model

It is sometimes unavoidable! When you take a highway, you are tempted to exceed the speed limit. It is however an act which is not left without follow-up. Contravention, fine and withdrawal of license may be the consequence depending on the seriousness of the offence.

The old record beaten on the A34 motorway!

Recently, a Cadillac CTS-V was intercepted by the gendarmerie for having exceeded the speed limit on the A34 motorway. A 240 km free motorway section linking Reims to Sedant in the north of France. Indeed, the Cadillac was driving at 269 Km/h. Lhe driver tried to minimize the risks involved, feeling safe, given the power of his car! This CTS-V is powered by a more than supercharged V8 engine? In any case, he can boast of holding the record. It’s unheard of on this French motorway!

Another new record?

While we all believed that the record had been reached with this “pilot” from Cadillac, another car stood out on this same A34. Let us remind all the same for the future drivers who will borrow it in the next weeks that the speed is limited between 110 and 130 km/h on this highway. While the Haute-Marne prefecture has carried out a whole series of roadside checks, it is fell on a driver who was driving at 271 km / h on this same highway. A very cheeky gesture since it is all the same the double the authorized limit! For those who ask, no… The model of the car has not yet been revealed.

An act that deserves to be punished…

Unfortunately, we all know that each speeding violation is subject to a fine or a ticket, etc. In the case of this new record, the overrun is still 140 km/h; quite a staggering number! According to the source, it was said that the driver’s license has been revoked and the vehicle in question has been confiscated. On social networksthe prefect implores the caution of drivers and deplores any irresponsible behavior on the road in order to avoid a tragedy.

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