Rethinking renewable energy

Small gesture will become big

Complicated, the recipe for producing renewable natural gas? Not that much. Just take inspiration from nature. In three steps, the trick is played:

First of all, the food residues in our brown bin are collected and then transported to a biomethanation plant. This waste can come from individuals, businesses or businesses. Every contribution can make a difference.

The waste takes its way to what look like huge stomachs, reservoirs called “biodigesters”: microorganisms break down organic waste, as is the case in our body, and make it a biogas which once purified becomes renewable natural gas. This process also creates a rich fertilizer that can be used for our flower beds and farmland.

This new renewable natural gas (RNG) can then be injected into Énergir’s extensive network. For municipalities, this is a golden opportunity to manage organic waste responsibly and locally. Clean, convenient energy to heat our homes, water for the shower or for cooking. Several RNG production projects are underway in Quebec: the more there are, the greater the proportion of RNG will be!

A far-reaching vision

Québec’s energy future is at the heart of Énergir’s mission, the main gas distributor in Quebec, which has been working on the integration of complementary innovative energy sources for several years. Whether in Warwick, Saint-Hyacinthe or across Quebec, this proactive company promotes sustainable and local energy development, in particular by decarbonizing its distribution network. WE love! Concretely, Énergir aims, for 2030, to distribute at least 10% renewable natural gas throughout its network. An ambitious goal for a company that wants to make a difference and be present where it counts, whether with its customers, municipalities – large or small – or even at the provincial level. Think big… locally!

The figure of the day: 4 million cubic meters

Four million cubic meters. Imposing, isn’t it? This is the annual volume of renewable natural gas that will be generated by the biomethanation center of SÉMECS (the mixed economy company in the east of the southern crown) distributed in the Énergir network starting this summer. That’s enough renewable natural gas to meet the energy consumption of 2,000 average-sized homes. A whole village!

SÉMECS, made up of the MRCs of La Vallée-Du-Richelieu, Marguerite-D’Youville and Rouville, as well as the company Biogaz EG, manages the operations and processing of organic materials: those of businesses and businesses in the region like those of the general population of a territory that covers 32 municipalities, including the 5 municipalities of the Longueuil agglomeration. By purchasing and redistributing this renewable natural gas in its network, Énergir will enable its customers to reduce their carbon footprint while using renewable energy on a daily basis.

For customers who use natural gas, the arrival of renewable natural gas becomes an opportunity to make an energy transition that will have an impact on our carbon footprint for all. Whether it is to heat the house or the swimming pool, to cook soups in winter or excellent barbecues in the heat wave, Énergir customers can now use clean energy.

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