Reborn baby: the most realistic dolls

Their eyes, their facial expressions, their hair and their skin look like two drops of water to those of a real baby. Reborn babies, made of silicone, are more than realistic. Our selection of the best girl and boy dolls, which are very successful in France.

The reborn babies are ultra-realistic dolls that create the illusion. These “real fake babies” called “reborn” or “rebirth” were a real success in the United States in the 90s. Created in silicone, these dolls in girl and boy versions are the size of a real newborn. The eyes, the hair, the texture of the skin, the mimics and facial expressions are made to perfection, so much so that one could be mistaken. If this realism arouses surprise, the children love to have fun with these newborns whom they already consider as their own babies. If the reborn baby prices can sometimes reach several hundred euros, other dolls remain more affordable. Discover our selection of the best reborn babies for girls and boys, or for twins, in silicone.

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