Meet Tesla's All-New Cybertruck

While the vehicle was originally planned for the year 2023, the new Tesla Cybertruck was seen during a short presentation in the United States.

It’s a silhouette from the future that was seen in California on Monday. During an event, the Tesla Cybertruck made a short appearance, on the Moss Landing Megapack site during a commissioning of a new energy storage system designed by Tesla. The opportunity to retrieve new information about this future Tesla.

A very futuristic design

The design of the Cybertruck impresses with its futuristic lines. The vehicle looks like it’s straight out of a sci-fi movie. Its square lines make us think of a space vehicle. Admittedly, this is only the prototype of the future pick-up of the American brand, which has already been exposed several times at press conferences. But according to followers of the Tesla brand, the fact that the manufacturer displays this prototype so often proves that the future model of Tesla will not be that far from this concept.

The production of this future model should also begin. For the first time, the Cybertruck was filmed driving.

We finally know the interior of the Cybertruck

If the exterior appearance of this car has already been observed, the interior could never be photographed. It is now done thanks to our American colleagues. On the first images, we see that the Cybertruck features a very pick-up style with a very wide center armrest. We also note that the steering wheel is the one that already equips the Model S and Model X. Above all, we observe that Tesla has installed a brand new infotainment screen on board its vehicle. Which confirms that the brand is working on new technological advances for its next models.

If the Cybertruck gradually begins to reveal itself, it will still be necessary to be very patient to drive it. Tesla won’t begin deliveries until late 2023 or early 2024. And orders for the European market have been suspended by the brand, as we announced on a few weeks ago.

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