In her most recent post, Guylaine Guay looks back on her memorable experience at Big Brother Celebrities.

I let the dust settle and the raw emotions settle before speaking from my heart about my time on the show Big Brother Celebrities.

Straight away and without holding back, I LOVED my experience in this warehouse-turned-home, where just about everything was sensory-aggressive. Neon lighting, white floors, vibrant colors, 2 toilets for 16 people, 70 cameras capturing our every move: everything was in place to promote discomfort.


It’s crazy how accessible the heart is when you only have others.

And beyond all that, humans. The other celebrities with whom I was going to share a few weeks of my life and almost all of my soul. Those to whom I was going to say “I love you” after three days. A summary of life. A short journey to true friendship. It’s crazy how accessible the heart is when you only have others. No telephone, no computer, no contact with the outside world. Just us to discover… and the luxury of time.

When I said yes to this incredible adventure, I had no idea that I was going to have to face the mountain of my age, my weight, my suboptimal physical shape and my old wounds of rejection and pride.

I faced all the physical challenges with enthusiasm, even though I knew very well that I was not going to win anything. It’s hard sometimes to realize that you’re not good at something. But since my body couldn’t keep up with the prowess of others, my social game had to be voracious.

I hurt myself. I cried a lot. And I also laughed immensely. I overcame myself. And I’ve never regretted saying yes. New friendships have literally repaired my heart. I survived. And thanks to this unique experience, I will survive many other things from today.

My game did not please everyone. I understand. Hear me out: no comments from the ladies on social media will undermine the pride I feel in having faced adversity for seven weeks.

I did it for me. This is the first time in 21 years that I’ve done something just for me. I left husband, children and responsibilities behind. I had an appointment with Guylou, the woman. The one who made people laugh, who cooked for everyone every night, the one who consoled and was in turn consoled, the one who forged ties with people she would never have met in another context, the one who made parades in swimsuits, who danced, who was moved to live such an experience. The paradox of being free, even locked up in a house.

And yes, I made over $6000 a week. Do the math: $42,000 to renovate our newly acquired small duplex so that my son Leo can live in his first apartment. Just above ours. Because ultimately, I was doing this for my children. I do everything for my children. Even thinking about me for seven weeks.

And I’ll do it again tomorrow morning. 😉

Guylaine Guay is an author, actress, humorist and host from Quebec. She is also the godmother of the Véro & Louis Foundation, and mother of two boys living with autism spectrum disorder.

Photo: Andréanne Gauthier
Illustration: Patricia Boutin

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