Fuel prices: here is the price map of France!

The fuel discount will be extended, as confirmed by Emmanuel Macron during an interview granted a few days ago.

Good news ! If its impact actually seems derisory in the face of soaring prices, the discount on fuel, displayed at 18 cents including tax, nevertheless remains a little boost that cannot be refused. Because without it, the situation will most likely be worse, while the lead-free 95 currently exceeds the two euro mark on average, with some service stations even posting a liter at more than €2.30, especially in large cities. While the little help from the government, put in place on April 1, should have ended on July 31, now it will finally be extended. To tell the truth, we suspected it, when the government had already mentioned the idea. But this was finally officially confirmed by the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron.

Until the start of the school year

In an interview granted to our colleagues from La Dépêche du Midi, the Head of State has indeed confirmed the good news. Without giving a lot of details, and in a single sentence. To the question “on gasoline, will August residents still have the 18 centime discount? “, the president then simply answers “yes. There must be visibility for our compatriots. I give it to you”. The discount will therefore indeed be extended, probably until the start of the next school year, so that all holidaymakers can take advantage of it.

A more targeted discount

Subsequently, this discount accessible to all will be transformed into a more targeted device. If reflections are still in progress, this one should in particular address the big rollers and the professionals not having the choice to use their vehicle, like the liberal caregivers, for example.

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