Exceptional: a Toulouse man built his own car!

José Cabrerizo, a septuagenarian retiree from Toulouse, is a true classic car enthusiast. Almost 7 years ago, he decided to launch a crazy project! That of building a luxury car himself! This year, his project is finally coming to an end and will see the light of day very soon: a car that will be publicly unveiled next month.

When we love something, we are capable of anything to have it or obtain it. Without limits ! And when you decide to rely only on yourself to achieve your dreams, it’s even better! Everything is possible with motivation, ambition and perseverance, but sometimes you also have to make sacrifices and compromises…

Limitless ambition!

Even though it’s hard to believe, José Cabrerizo will soon be 70 years old. Passionate about old cars, he decided to make his own car. This idea came to him about 7 years ago, at the dawn of the pension! It was a crazy project, very demanding and not easy, but he ended up realizing it. José Cabrerizo has known everything in his professional life. Mechanic, coachbuilder, welder, owner of a crèche… And nothing stops this man from pursuing his dream! He had to make sacrifices and a lot of time… whole days in his studio, even forgetting to sleep. But he succeeded!

A masterpiece inspired by the 70s!

The ingenious retiree built a speedster composed of a V12 engine 6L Mercedes modified to lighten the mechanical part. A retro car, like the one in the 70s, in which he saw the actors strut their stuff on a giant screen. Her name ? Cid Babieca ! Cid is a Spanish knight while Babieca is a steed. Moreover, it is this horse that we find on the logo that he also created. The famous car is gray in color and embodies the car of modern times.

A 100% French car…

José Cabrerizo also wants to make people understand that it is possible to manufacture a 100% French car. He declares to be disappointed by the loss of automotive influence in the country and encourages the French to wake up! To share his masterpiece, his experience and his passion, the prototype will be present from June 30 to July 3, 2022 at the next edition of Le Mans Classic. It will then be exhibited to the public for the first time. In short, at 70, nothing can stop this Toulouse enthusiast!

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