Electric: one charging station every 60 km, Europe's ambitious goal!

The European Union wants to double down on the deployment of electric charging stations. A harmonization project that is widely welcome.

We say it again and again: with the ever greater ranges announced by manufacturers, the network of charging stations is clearly the weak link in electric cars. Too few, dilapidated, illegible prices, charges too slow, the problems are legion. But the European Union has decided to take up the subject, and has set mandatory targets for all Member States. There will be work.

Powerful terminals every 60 km from 2025

Meeting at the beginning of June 2022, the Ministers of Transport of Europe decided on a roadmap to follow imperatively. The objective is simple. By 2025, motorists should be able to find one terminal every 60 km on the European rapid network. Important precision, these terminals will have to allow fast, even very fast charging since the minimum power is set at 150 kW. Five years later, the entire European network will have to be covered.

The terminals must provide a power of at least 150 kW, for fast recharging

This bodes well for electric travellers. If you’ve ever gone on vacation in an electric car (excluding Tesla), you’ve already seen for yourself the difficulty of planning a quick, stress-free journey, and without needlessly queuing before recharging. Once this famous mesh is in place, these problems should be greatly reduced. Even if, by then, the proportion of electric cars on the roads will probably explode.

The end of the proliferation of badges?

Another measure adopted by the ministers, the terminal standardization. Europe wants to see “total interoperability” of terminals implemented. This compatibility begins with payment systems accessible to all motorists. Finished therefore, in the medium term, wallets overflowing with several subscription cards! Finally, vehicles must be able to recharge at all network terminals.

If France is not the worst placed of the 27 EU countries, this binding measure should further accelerate the deployment of fast terminals on motorways. Above all, the same work will be done with our European neighbours, sometimes a little later still. What finally allow electric holidays throughout Europe without a big headache.

Source: Automotive Monitor

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