A goat farmer, accused of the murder of his wife: another Jubillar case?

Almost two years after the disappearance of Chantal Mellet, a 55-year-old mother, her husband, a goat farmer in Yonne, was indicted for murder. He claims his innocence. The couple’s daughters denounce “relentlessness”. A disappearance reminiscent of the Jubillar case…

Almost two years have passed since the disappearance of Chantal Melleta 55-year-old mother, who had not been found since July 2, 2020. The investigation was floundering… until May 20, when Frédéric Mellet, husband of the disappeared, was indicted for the murder of his wiferecount The Parisian. The man, a Joigny goat breeder, in Yonne, was remanded in custody. But the couple’s four daughters are convinced of their father’s innocence. “There is nothing that proves that my father is guiltythe investigators rely solely on rumors circulating in the village“, assured one of them to the local daily. In addition, no body has been found, for the time being.

A goat farmer accused of the murder of his wife: “relentlessness”?

He is behind bars just because investigators have no other leads. It’s relentlessness“, deplores the daughter of the couple. According to the young women, their mother could have quite disappear voluntarily. A few weeks before that day in July 2020 when she was last seen, Chantal Mellet had even planned to leave everything to join her lover. But what happened this morning of July 2, 2020, on the Joigny farm, where Chantal and Frédéric Mellet raise their goats?

Disappearance of Chantal Mellet: a strange morning

Early in the morning, the mother of the family goes to her laboratory “to make cheese“, Explain The Parisian. During this time, her husband gets down to milking goats. He goes to the lab to talk to his wife.

I disturbed her for two minutes, I told her: ‘When you’re done, we’ll have to talk about a personal subject’“, he recalled in an interview with France Blue Auxerre. The goat farmer wishes tell his wife about the affair that she maintains with an inhabitant of Joigny. A few days earlier, Chantal Mellet had confessed to him that she was planning to leave with her lover.When I looked for her at the stroke of nine o’clock, he there was no one“, he explained on the radio.

Chantal Mellet: a voluntary disappearance?

The hours pass, the 50-year-old has still not returned home. The worried family contacted the police. All of Chantal Mellet’s belongings, such as her cell phone or her car keys, are still in the apartment. So how could it be a voluntary disappearance? “He there was no sign of lifeand we have never been able to identify the slightest preparation for departure“, adds a source close to the file, to the Parisian.

Excavations are taking place around Joigny and the the couple’s home is searched Many times. But nothing seems to advance the investigation.

Disappearance of Chantal Mellet: her daughter and her husband in police custody

Almost two years later, on May 18, 2022, the goat farmer and one of his daughters, who was sleeping upstairs when her mother disappeared, are taken into custody. “Investigators wanted to know if I knew anything. They asked me several times to detail precisely my schedule for the morning of July 2, 2020. They ended up releasing me when I told them that indeed, sometimes my father and my mother argued violently. I think that’s what they wanted to hear“, she explained.

Disappearance of Chantal Mellet: another Jubillar affair?

The young woman is quickly released from custodybut his father is indicted for murder. At present, “no scientific evidence” does not incriminate Frédéric Mellet, said Hugues de Phily, the prosecutor of Auxerre. No body or crime scene, a wife ready to leave everything for her lover, a husband placed in detention: the case resembles, on some points, the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar.

However, the prosecutor insists, according to The Parisian: “Many avenues were explored before leading to the indictment of Frédéric Mellet. Interesting elements to exploit appeared during the investigations (…) It was found during the interrogations that there were inconsistencies between the accounts of the different members of the family“. The suspect, him, ardently proclaims his innocence.

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