This former Dakar truck has become a motorhome!

A Dakar service and assistance truck from the 2000s has been transformed into an off-road motorhome by a professional company. Like any other motorhome, it has all the features of a traditional motorhome but has a little extra: the ability to go to any extreme destination.

The holiday season is fast approaching and there is no shortage of choices. For the past few years and a few movies and TV shows, camping has become a viral trend. So to go on vacation in the open air, why not opt ​​for a motorhome that stands out? An old Dakar truck for example?

Dakar Rally: what is it exactly?

Who has never heard the name Dakar at least once in their life? All car enthusiasts worth their salt know this. It’s about of a long-distance rally-raid launched in 1978 by Thierry Sabine. This is a race, a few thousand kilometers long that lasts 2 to 3 weeks. Participation in the competition requires certain criteria, the most important of which is good physical condition. The Paris-Dakar Rally is an infallible adventure in the world of mechanics.

Dakar truck transformed into a motorhome?

Originally, the Dakar assistance trucks had the role of assisting and rescuing the vehicles taking part in the competition. They have an impressive power and a rather particular aspect. One of these service trucks from the 2000s found a new life after being at the service of the KTM and Orelen Rally team for more than 9 years. A company specializing in the renovation of motorhomes took care of his case and transformed it into an off-road motorhome. He is available in the Netherlands.

Traveling with an unusual machine!

This Paris-Dakar Rally motorhome is the ideal for an extreme and unique family trip. The craft can go anywhere (except in very snowy places) and the distance traveled is unlimited. It is equipped and has all the conveniences offered by a normal motorhome. There are beds, two refrigerators, a solar panel, hot water, etc. Barbecue equipment and outdoor furniture have even been added by the owner so that tenants can have fun. This Dakar motorhome can accommodate up to 6 people. So ? Does this tempt you? If so, you can visit the Camptoo site for a reservation or for any other additional information.

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