Prince Louis: why the real star of the Queen's Jubilee was him (validated by Super Nanny!)

You can’t miss the news as all the television channels were on the same tune this weekend. Between June 2 and 5, 2022, on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, cameras around the world were indeed focused on the British royal family. And if there is one who has managed to pull out of the game, it is indeed the youngest, Prince Louis. Between grimaces, sulky pouts and mischievous expressions, the youngest of the Cambridge clan knew how to charm the crowds. The proof in pictures.

Once is not custom, these last days, the whole planet had its eyes on the royal family of England. No wonder since from 02 to 05 June 2022 took place the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II who thus celebrated her 70 years of reign, a record for a British sovereign. The slightest deeds and gestures of the members of the Crown have thus been scrutinized, starting with those of the children of the Cambridge clan. Georges, Charlotte and Louis, the three children of Kate Middleton and Prince William, on the front line. And if there is one that has caught the eye this year, it’s the youngest: the prince louis. From the height of his four years, he literally stole the show from his great-grandmother who nevertheless made a surprise appearance for a few minutes on the balcony of Buckingham on June 05 to end the festivities.

Grimaces, dances and sulky pouts: Prince Louis provided the show!

From the first day of the Queen of England’s Platinum Jubilee festivities, the young prince was able to capture the attention of the cameras by multiplying his grimaces, even under the nose of his great-grandmother. Last Thursday, June 02, when the famous Trooping the Color military parade took place, he did not hesitate to plug his ears in front of her, visibly bothered by the noise of Royal Air Force planes. But not enough to annoy the sovereign who engaged with him in a conversation that everyone dreams of, even today, to know about the subject. The photos of this moment having also melted the hearts of all Internet users. Ditto for those showing the sulky pout of the younger brother of Georges and Charlotte leaning against the balcony of the royal palace. During these festivities, the little boy also showed himself to be very complicit with his paternal grandfather and future king, Prince Charles. Thanks to his boundless energy, Prince Harry’s nephew, who was also in the spotlight due to his return to British soil, stole the show from the whole family. And rightly so! During the closing parade of the jubilee which took place this Sunday, June 05, 2022, he even offered a dance to the public who came to cheer the queen. And his hugs and kisses to his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, on the same day, have also not failed to be the subject of photos distributed worldwide.

Louis de Cambridge: the new darling of internet users… And of Super Nanny!

If her older sister, Charlotte of Cambridge, usually more mischievous, was very disciplined, she failed to convince her little brother to do the same. But he has something to hold on to, the whole world still having in mind the photos of Charlotte sticking her tongue out at photographers during the King’s Cup regatta in 2019. Or those of Prince George on the balcony of Buckingham Palace in 2018. Whatever, the new darling of Internet users has managed to melt the hearts of everyone without exception. Not even that of the British Super Nanny, Jo Frost. While the English magazine Hello posted a compilation of the young prince’s antics on her Instagram account, she congratulated the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. “Prince Louis has behaved remarkably well, considering his young age”she wrote before recalling that despite the attention that the whole world pays to the royal family, Louis remains “a child like any other”. She also clarified that he was a “extremely sensitive child” before acknowledging the behavior of his parents: “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are a great example. Catherine is never afraid to tell the kids to stop in public, I love that about her”.

A mischievous wink from Prince William and Kate Middleton

As if to close this festive chapter of Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee, the Cambridge spouses, Kate and William, paid tribute to their son and his strong character in a press release posted on June 6 on Twitter. In a tone of humor, they wrote having “had an incredible time (…) especially Louis” by revealing an adorable black and white snapshot of Prince William and his son. Looking forward to the next royal event!

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