Murder of a 15-year-old teenager: the investigation resolved 50 years later

The investigation into the murder of a teenager whose skeleton was found in 1974 in Florida is said to be on the verge of being resolved. The human remains of the deceased have finally been identified and this case is linked to a serial killer…

Case closed. Susan Poole, 15, went missing in 1972. Two years later, the skeleton of a young woman is found. Unfortunately, his family, who reported him missing just before Christmas 1972, cannot identify the body. years later, DNA samples still don’t turn up anything.. The authorities then decided to create a computer portrait of the victim which projects what it might have looked like. But again, no one identifies the remains.

Human remains: “He Nothing was left of her, only bones”

You will have to wait almost half a century to shed light on this affair. According to information from New York Post, Palm Beach County Detective William Springer revealed the circumstances of the murder at a press conference. “She was tied in the mangroves with wire to a tree“, he explained, specifying that the body was found in a sorry state. “There were only skeletal remains, there was nothing left of her but bones“, he reported. And to add: “His clothes were very damaged“.

Susan Poole: her remains identified thanks to DNA

The case takes a turn when the Texas-based Othram Forensic Laboratory provides the names of the victim’s mother and siblings through their DNA profiles. The body is identified in 2022. A relief for the mother of the victim, aged 90, as well as for his brothers and sisters. “The family was happy to know what happened“, revealed the agent during the press conference.

Susan Poole case linked to serial killer

If the identification of the body allowed the family to finally know the truth about the disappearance of the teenager, the identity of the murderer remains unknown. Investigator William Springer raised the possibility that Susan Poole was killed by serial killer Gerard Schaeferfound guilty of murders of two teenage girls aged 16 and 17. Both had been found mutilated and decapitated in April 1973. The murderer who had served as a police officer in the county of Marin was killed in prison in 1995. He was implicated in about thirty murder cases.

According to the agent, Gerard Schaefer would be the “best suspect” because “few people did that in the 70s except him“. To elucidate this case and confirm his suspicions, William Springer reopened the investigation. “What I’m trying to do is piece together his last few weeks, what his activities were“, did he declare. “She didn’t go to school, her mother said she dropped out of school, so I need to know what his activities were.” he concluded.

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