FATHER’S DAY 2022. It’s this Sunday, June 19 that dads are honored! To please them and tell them how much we love them, here is our selection of gifts according to their style and character.

Father’s Day, which takes place every year at the end of June, was instituted only twelve years after the establishment of Mother’s Day. Nevertheless, they too deserve a nice gift to mark the occasion! To offer a Father’s Day gift that will mark the spirits, the key is to choose a present that perfectly matches his style, his taste, his age and his character. Did he just become a dad? Then opt for a humorous or personalized “young dad” gift, or for a DIY gift made by your child. Is it a sports dad, rather geek or greedy? We have, again, heaps ofgift ideas who can inspire you to offer him the perfect present for Father’s Day. Draw quickly from our selections for this June 19, 2022.

When is Father’s Day in 2022?

Father’s Day takes place this Sunday, June 19, 2022, three weeks after Mother’s Day.

What gift to give for Father’s Day?

For a successful Father’s Day, opt for decorative gifts, high tech, perfumes, fashion or gourmet… You can also opt for a personalized object (key ring, book, bracelet, mug, kitchen apron, T-shirt, pyjamas, etc.). It can also be toiletries, a new razor, an aftershave… Obviously, if dad has a passion, a hobby, it can only make choosing the gift easier. It’s actually about giving a gift that will imply that you know your dad well, that you’re observant, that you know what he’s missing right now. And who doesn’t like to give something and hear the recipient exclaim: “That’s crazy, that’s exactly what I needed!

► A gift for Star Wars dads

Dad is a fan of the Star Wars saga and emblematic characters, such as the essential Luke Skywalker? Give him a model to build Lego, which once made, can sit on his desk!

► A gift box for activities or well-being treatments

This box for one or two people offers the possibility of choosing from 16,000 activities! Will dad prefer a dream holiday, a dinner in a restaurant, an oenology workshop, driving a Ferrari, or rather a facial?

► What gift to give to a handyman dad?

A DIY-related gift is a great classic for Father’s Day. Again, try to meet expectations. Have you heard your daddy grumbling in his workshop because his drill didn’t work? And why not give him a complete tool box for the garden if he has a green thumb?

► What gift for sports dads?

A pair of Running shoes, a jumpsuit, a tennis racket, a golf club, a bicycle or an electric scooter, a nice sports bag… depending on your hobby, you can take advantage of the fathers Day to renew its sports equipment.

► What gift for geek dads?

IT and new high-tech products, that, he knows about it! If your dad is on the cutting edge of new technologies, give him a new mobile phone, computer, a camera such as the new Instax Link Wide which allows you to personalize and print family photos. You can also opt for accessories and gadgets that will allow him to improve his daily life. Why not choose a connected watch, a mini speaker, a drone or a Go Pro?

► Our “Father’s Day” gift ideas for future dads

A personalized book is the perfect gift for future and new dads. The book propels him as the hero of the story: you can create a character that looks like him, with his first name and all the members of the family. ► Our favorite : Hooray Heros website. Finally, if you are pregnant, why not wait, if you can, for Father’s Day to tell him that he is going to become a dad? Another gift idea for young dads: a practical and comfortable changing bag, which allows you to take baby’s daily necessities everywhere with comfort and style!

What recipes for Father’s Day?

Of course, don’t forget, beyond the gift, to organize a meal, an opportunity to meet around a table to celebrate the event. Punctuate the latter with, for dessert, a generous cake on which you will have written: “Happy Birthday Dad !

What gifts to make for Father’s Day?

On our partner site Hugo l’Escargot, which is full of creative ideas for children, we have found everything you need to help you create unforgettable memories of this Father’s Day with the little ones: crafts for Father’s Day Fathers, poems, maps, and much more…

What is the origin of Father’s Day?

If in France mothers have had their own party since 1940, Father’s Day, as we know it today, has been created in 1952. It was a lighter manufacturer (Flaminaire) who was the initiator, drawing inspiration from the United States where this “commercial” party had already existed since 1910. The advertising slogan of the time proclaimed: “Our dads told us, for Father’s Day, they all want a Flaminaire“. Yes, in this first half of the XXe century, it was well seen to offer gifts related to tobacco consumption to one’s father: cartridge of cigarette, pipe, lighter… Two years later, this celebration was made official by the public authorities who fixed it, as we saw him on the third Sunday of June. Since then, it has become an unmissable family event, a opportunity to remind his dad that we are thinking of him.

Did you know ? Many countries have established Father’s Day on a date identical to ours. We can cite more than 30 such as, for example, Argentina, China, India, Senegal, the United Kingdom or Turkey.

Is Father’s Day a public holiday?

Father’s Day is not a holiday. But it’s just like! Indeed, the latter always taking place on a Sunday (which is a public holiday), the result remains the same. And the whole family can get together for a Sunday and unforgettable Father’s Day…

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