Death of Roger, husband of Liliane for 65 years: Faustine Bollaert and Amir, in mourning

Sad news. Roger, the octogenarian candidate who had made an impression during his time with his wife Liliane in It starts today, has passed away. It was his grandson, Gary Mihaileanu who confirmed the information, Monday, June 6, on the Instagram account of the spouses. A news that upset Faustine Bollaert, but also the singer Amir who paid him a vibrant tribute.

In his show It starts today broadcast every afternoon on France 2 for 5 years, Faustine Bollaert collects many testimonies. Over the years, some participants particularly marked the program. Among them, Roger, an octogenarian who had come to discuss on the set the couple he formed with Liliane for 65 years. The retirees had caught the attention of viewers and had even built a good reputation on social networks.

Death of Roger: “Papi, I will never forget you”

But on Monday June 6, on the spouses’ Instagram account, Gary Mihaileanu, Roger’s grandson, made a sad announcement, revealing the disappearance of his grandfather.I’m happy that we could put words to our love, that we had time to say I love you, that we were able to discuss and above all laugh. You know it grandpa, I will never forget youhe wrote on Instagram under a beautiful black and white portrait of his grandfather.

Faustine Bollaert in mourning: “We loved Roger so much…”

This news upset Faustine Bollaert, who had received Roger and his wife several times on her show. In memory of his guest, the host wanted to pay him a vibrant tribute. “We loved Roger so much… I think infinitely of Liliane and the extraordinary couple they formed… And I send all my love to their big beautiful family“, she wrote in a story on her Instagram account. Roger, an emblematic witness of the France 2 program, had become alongside his wife Liliane a true Tik Tok and Instagram star, in particular thanks to his grandson Gary Mihaileanu who had fun filming them in their daily lives.

Amir, his tender tribute to Roger: “Rest in peace Roger”

Upon learning of this sad demise, Amir wished to pay tribute in turn to the octogenarian. The singer who had Roger and Liliane play in his clip Yousent a final message to the deceased.

Rest in peace Roger. After 65 years of love you travel, but alone this time... I will never forget this precious time that Liliane and you gave us to shoot this clip that illustrates love, the real one. Courage my dear Lilianehe wished.

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