Audi 80: a look back at the history of the sedan with the rings

Before becoming a premium manufacturer, Audi sold cars that were tough, well built but lacked brand image. The fourth-generation Audi 80, which will be succeeded by the A4, is a worthy representative of this era.

The last generation of Audi 80 is produced from 1991 to 1995. The model was based on the third Audi 80, which had been produced since 1986, but was significantly revised for the transition to this model. For the first time in this range, a V6 engine was also available.

Improvement on many points

The Audi 80 B4 represented a thorough development of the predecessor model, from which it differs externally by a modified “Audi face”, which is characterized by a redesigned bonnet with an integrated grille, previously installed on the Audi V8 and Audi 100, as well as bumpers painted in body color. The upper part of the rear window of the “B4” is also less curved than that of its predecessor. Much of the roof section, including the shape and position of the windshield, remained unchanged from the “B3”.

more voluminous

The luggage compartment of the previous generation had a frequently criticized unfavorable shape due to the rear torsion crank axle, which required a relatively large installation space. A larger trunk with a flat floor was made possible in the last 80 through the use of a torsion beam axle. However, this required a larger wheelbase, which is why the car was almost 8 cm longer. The larger wheels cleverly concealed the fact that the rear edge of the rear door was in the same place as before.

Take a break

Thanks to the modified rear axle, a horizontal tank could also be installed. Which enabled a smooth, deep trunk and folding backrests and thus also an estate variant, which was presented in the summer of 1992 as the Audi 80 Avant.

In December 1994 production of the sedan ended, while the station wagon was still in production until December 1995. The successor model from November 1994 was the first Audi A4. However, examples of Audi 80 saloons were first registered in early 1995.

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