Apple: here is the new version of CarPlay that we were waiting for!

Apple has just unveiled a new version of CarPlay, which will arrive in 2023 and will push its integration even further into cars.

While rumors are still rife about a possible Apple Car, which has still not been officially confirmed, the Apple brand presented many new features during the WWDC 2022its annual developer conference.

Apple took the opportunity to unveil the outlines ofiOS 16, the latest version of its operating system found on the brand’s iPhone and iPad. This new version will soon be accompanied by a total overhaul ofApple CarPlaythe embedded version of iOS for vehicles.

Apple CarPlay: further integration

Initially launched in 2014, Apple CarPlay makes it possible to duplicate smartphone applications to simplify use while driving, directly on the car’s touch screen. Since then, cars have evolved, and there are now more and larger screens, such as the instrument cluster placed in front of the driver, and sometimes even an infotainment screen for the front passenger.

According to Apple, the presence of CarPlay in a vehicle is a criterion of choice for 79% of American motorists, and the system has established itself in no less than 98% of vehicles on the US market. Thus, the Cupertino company now wishes integrate even further on board the cars, and according to the first images, this new version of CarPlay looks promising.

Apple CarPlay: advanced personalization

Apple wants CarPlay to become the main interface with vehicles, occupying all of the on-board screens. Thus, motorists will soon benefit froma unified experience with the familiar interface of their iPhone or iPad, directly on the screens of their car.

Beyond the usual applications accessible by CarPlay, such as music, navigation or messages, it will soon be possible to view and control all aspects of the car from the Apple interface, such as air conditioning, seats, speed, gear engaged, engine speed, consumption or even the different levels (oil, fuel, etc.).

Apple CarPlay: many manufacturers already involved

The car will therefore communicate all this information to your iPhone or iPad, which will take control of the display of the screens of the car, and of the settings thereof. The user can then customize your interfacesuch as the colors, the layout and the information displayed on its instrument cluster, or even the display of widgets.

To ensure optimal operation, Apple has already established partnerships with many car manufacturers : Renault, Nissan, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Ford, Lincoln, Volvo, Polestar, Honda, or even Acura. There is no doubt that this list will be extended to other brands by the launch of the new version of CarPlay, scheduled for the end of year 2023. It will compete with Android Auto and Android Automotive, the embedded systems of its competitor Google.

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