Nabilla gave birth!  First name and photo, discover the new baby

As expected, baby number 2 of Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara showed up on Sunday June 5! The influencer was quick to announce the good news to her community… find out all about the next new social media star, barely born, already Instagrammed!

There you go, he joined his big brother Milann, 2 and a half years old: welcome to… Leyann, perfect rhyme, born June 5! The news has of course reached the fans of Nabilla Vergara via her Instagram account, where the influencer poses with her husband Thomas Vergara and her very cute baby. What did not fail to arouse a flurry of tender reactions, congratulations and rain of hearts in comments. At the time of writing, the number of “likes” of this publication was approaching one million…

An expected birth on the people planet

The whole world is aware: Nabilla and Thomas Vergara are expecting a second child. And it shouldn’t take long to point the tip of its nose since the deadline is officially set for June 5th.. Already parents of a little Milann, born on October 11, 2019, it was in February 2022, and after leaving doubts for a few weeks, the couple announced the good news on social networks. And since then, Nabilla shares the smallest details of her pregnancy with her subscribers. If her Instagram feed is no more than a succession of glamorous shootings and burst shots of her baby bump, it is in story that she gave all the details. It was enough to delight his fans and keep the planet people in suspense. Moreover, on June 01, Nabilla once again made the buzz by posting yet another photo of her belly captioned as follows: “ Last photo with my round belly “. An unequivocal message which still raises a new question: is this the last straight line for Nabilla and Thomas or is their family already complete? Suspense…

A complicated end of pregnancy for Nabilla

Anyway, the end of Nabilla’s pregnancy is eventful to say the least. And the one who is now at the head of an empire did not hide it at all. She herself announced to her followers to be passed through the hospital box just three weeks from her due date for forced rest during which she was on a drip. More recently, she also had to leave the 75th Cannes Film Festival in a hurry, where she appeared on the arm of her famous husband. And his setbacks do not stop there since barely back, the star of the Web and the small screen was the victim of a scam. As she revealed in her Instagram stories this Thursday, June 2, when she thought she had reserved the perfect French cocoon where to spend her last days of pregnancy, she was ripped off by a fake rental agency.

Cocorico: Nabilla will give birth in France this time (and by cesarean section)!

You have therefore understood, it is indeed in France that Nabilla Vergara has decided to spend the end of her pregnancy, in Paris more precisely. And for good reason, she has many filming planned in France shortly after the birth of her second child. Having experienced some complications during her first delivery, the influencer decided to plan a caesarean section for this second birth. The date has even been set! “I have planned a date for the caesarean section. The first time I had complications, it left me with a bad experience. That’s why I scheduled the caesarean section. But at this stage, I can give birth before. I know the date of my delivery but I know that it could come before. I have a feeling it won’t be long. There, we speak in days, ”she recently confided to her subscribers. So will push, won’t push? The suspense is at its peak !

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