Discomfort or needle sticks?  The show "The Song of the Year" in Toulon turned into a nightmare

Dozens of discomforts that occurred in the audience of the show “La Chanson de l’année” of TF1 last weekend, are suspected of having been caused by stings. This phenomenon has been accentuated for several months during nocturnal events. The city, however, denies it. We take stock.

Filming of the show “Song of the Year”broadcast on TF1 on Saturday June 4, was marked by scenes of panic in the audience. Several people were evacuated after being potentially victims of suspicious bites on the beaches of Mourillon, in Toulon, where more than 16,000 people gathered for the occasion. At least 16 teenagers or young adults were bitten, according to Var-matin: 14 girls and two boys.

Two suspects arrested and taken into custody

Eleven complaints were filed at the Toulon police station and three at the Hyères police station. A security person was hospitalized, but there is no information yet to know if his discomfort is the result of a sting. Several examinations are also underway to determine if substances were injected into the victims.

At least two suspects were taken into custody after being immediately apprehended. One of them should go before an examining magistrate. An investigation has also been opened for “violence with a weapon and with premeditation resulting in total incapacity for work less than or equal to eight days”. The suspect therefore risks up to 5 years in prison.

Discomfort, fights: safety questioned

Guys with syringes began to sting a lot of people who felt unwell after that”, informs a spectator on Twitter. “‘The song of the year’, it was nonsense, security did not do their job well. There were lots of injections and lots of girls fainting,” said another. “Horrible, we were in the crowd at the start with girlfriends we ended up leaving when girls started falling everywhere“, testifies another young woman. The discomfort would have caused scenes of panic and fights in the crowd. Some spectators questioned the security system deployed by the chain.

The Toulon Provence Méditerranée Metropolis indicates in a press release that it does not have for the moment “no knowledge of any harmful substance being administered to anyone via these injections“. The discomfort would be “linked to sunstroke and dehydration as in all outdoor concerts in summer everywhere in France” and “all the victims were immediately taken care of by the emergency services present on the spot”.

What to do in case of a “bite attack”?

Hundreds of syringe attacks have been recorded in recent months, particularly in nightclubs in major cities. On May 30, 350 complaints had been filed throughout Franceaccording to West France.

Bites cause nausea, dizziness and sometimes malaise. If you are the victim of or witness an attack, the Home Office recommends trying “to identify the authors“: “Notify the management of the establishment, do not hesitate to dial 17 emergency police, 112 or 114 by SMS, go to the emergency room without delay so that samples can be taken and file a complaint at the police station.

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