Renault: a new E-Tech Engineered special edition

Do you want to buy a new Renault? Find out how long it will take to receive it at home.

As you most likely know, car manufacturers have been experiencing a major crisis for several months, due to the shortage of semiconductors. A very difficult situation, in particular caused by the drop in production and the closure of factories in China, due to the various confinements linked to the Covid-19 epidemic. Problem, the demand is increasingly strong, and the shortage then prevents brands from accelerating the production rate. Delays are therefore accumulating, and delivery times are lengthening considerably for most manufacturers. Precisely, how long will it take to wait if you want to order a Renault new? Don’t panic, we tell you everything! But you will have to be patient…

Between three and six months

According to the Planète Renault site, a specialist in the diamond brand, it takes between three and six months of waiting, depending on the model and the finish. However, this data dates back to the beginning of the year, when the situation has become a little more complicated since then. Our colleagues also point out that ” even if the diamond brand seeks to shorten its deadlines by depriving itself of digital counters or folding mirrors on its models, this does not have a positive impact on deadlines“. For example, it took about four months to wait for the new Arkana in January.

A new offer

Nevertheless, the diamond brand has been offering for a few days a new offer called FastTrack, allowing you to receive your new car within 30 days maximum. A formula only available for the Arkana, then offered with a single finish, namely the RS Line, in order to facilitate production. If you want another version, you will have to wait longer.

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