Dacia Duster: the 5 reasons that explain its crazy success!

Why is the Dacia Duster so popular? Some reasons are obvious, others less so. We take stock of the adventurer’s career!

At the start of 2022, the Dacia Duster exceeded the milestone of 2 million units sold. The Romanian SUV is however only in its second generation, recently restyled. A success story that cannot be denied! But how did the compact SUV find so many people, with an attraction that does not weaken? We dissect the reasons for its popularity.

The fashionable adventurer look

Let’s start with what is probably the most superficial reason: the look of the Dacia Duster. Without going into the subjective, let’s first note that the Duster belongs to one of the best-selling segments in Europe: the Compact SUVs. This market is increasingly fashionable and continues to grow strongly. It is therefore logical to see one of its members among the best sellers in France each month.

But on the other hand, the Dacia Duster has managed to renew itself without losing its look that many find endearing. And if some will criticize him for not having evolved much by moving to the second generation, then by restyling, we must admit that his unfussy adventurer look is still pleasing.

The cheapest SUV on the market?

Obviously, the price of a Dacia is probably its biggest strong point. With starting prices at €15,490, the Dacia Duster is the cheapest “true SUV” (excluding Toyota Aygo X and Dacia Sandero Stepway style crossovers) on the market. And that is a strong argument. Of course, at this price, we should not expect too much in terms of equipment, even if, as we will see, the Duster has some surprises in store. But under 20,000 euros, difficult to do better. The Duster also struggles a lot against recent used cars.

E85, the insurance of reduced costs in use

A strong point of the Dacia Duster, and a good part of the Dacia range for that matter, is its 100 hp Eco-G engine. This engine, the least expensive in the range, is a flexfuel LPG. In other words, you can run on LPG or gasoline. Two separate tanks are installed, which also allows a range of more than 1,000 km if you empty both tanks.

Above all, the price of E85 superethanol, around €0.90/L, makes it a powerful ally on a daily basis. Especially in times of fuel price crisis! Thus, count only 84 € to travel 1,000 km, if you drive on ethanol, against 111 €/1,000 km minimum if you fill up with unleaded. Great savings in use: €450 per year if you drive 15,000 km.

The essential, and nothing superfluous

Certainly, in “Essential” finish, the Dacia Duster is not exactly over-equipped. No alloy wheels, central screen, air conditioning or cruise control… But those who are looking for all the savings, or a very simple vehicle to get from point A to point B, will be delighted. hard to find easiest on the market today. But you can still count on LED headlights, bluetooth car radio, a speed limiter, and all the essential safety elements (emergency braking, trajectory control, etc.). The Essential finish lives up to its name. We just regret that the speed regulator (200 €) and the air conditioner (900 €), are optional.

A very complete equipment available

If, on the other hand, you wish to turn to a car equipped with all the modern technology, good news: it is also possible. From the higher finishes, you will not have to blush in the face of much more expensive models. Heated seats, Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlayautomatic air conditioning, 4 parking cameras, blind spot sensors, etc. It only lacks semi-autonomous driving to approach the benchmarks of the segment. All for less than €21,000!

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