Horoscope of the week, Monday June 6 to Sunday June 12, 2022

It’s a new week starting tomorrow, Monday, June 6th! Will the planets of the zodiac serve you in love for this mid-June 2022? Or rather in your work or in your finances? Or will it still be necessary to pay attention to your health or your friendships…? Sign by sign, here are our exclusive weekly astro forecasts, until Sunday, June 12.

YOUR HOROSCOPE THIS WEEK. Already a new period is opening, will it be placed under the sign of luck or obstacles? Here is the interpretation of our astrologer who deciphers the aspect of your sky between 06/06/2022 and 06/12/2022.

Aries Weekly Horoscope

Only the moments spent with your friends serve to calm you down over time. It’s simple, listening to you, seeing each other every other week would be perfect. However, depending on the obligations of each other, synchronization remains rare… limit impossible. For the upcoming week, try to devise a plan to organize a convivial meal at the restaurant. The one after, holding a dance party will change everyone’s mind. Share your findings. Combining effort and comfort, this principle will be widely adopted around you! Read more about Aries weekly horoscope

Weekly Taurus horoscope

Escape remains the freest feeling in the world, because it evacuates the negative. Thanks to his magic character, he brings out a force that we did not suspect. Now that you are willing to let go, step through the boundaries of your thinking. Yes, starting this week, you have no choice but to take action. For everything to be piloted remotely, you must absolutely carry out this sorting of your friends. We tell you this just to avoid all this falling on you. So, bounce to reach for the stars. You owe it to yourself. Read more about Taurus weekly horoscope

Weekly Gemini Horoscope

The atmosphere at work has become slightly oppressive: it affects your motivation and your well-being. You need to take a breather and recharge your batteries. So take a few days off, it will do you the greatest good! You could take advantage of this free time to go see a good movie at the cinema, to go shopping, or even to have lunch with a friend in this new restaurant that you so wanted. You will be able to resume work rested and re-energized! Read more about Gemini weekly horoscope

Weekly Cancer Horoscope

The passage of the planet Uranus inspires you. All the ingredients are there this week to start a useful change for your well-being. It can be a cure of iron or magnesium to regain tone and deal with certain deficiencies. In terms of sleep quality, investing in a new mattress would have an effective impact. Also remember to drastically reduce the time spent in front of all kinds of screens, computer or telephone. Don’t put off your good resolutions! Read more about the weekly Cancer horoscope

Weekly Leo Horoscope

We know it. Some friendships go beyond those created by the flesh. To make matters worse, a lot of taboos regularly feed stubborn family resentments. This infamous bougla gloubli keeps siblings away who no longer or very little communicate. As a result, to entrust your worries of the week, you open up much more easily to your loved ones. Concentrated in a more than restricted circle, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but few remain the pillars of your heart and your mind. Read more about Leo weekly horoscope

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Your hybrid character makes you a difficult partner to analyze. Generous, selfish, audacious introvert, cynical romantic, you are nothing but a juxtaposition of paradoxes. Gemini ascendant, you are indisputably the king of confusion. The well-aspected moon, however, indicates that your partner will manage to take advantage of it. Whoever you are in the end, you are loved… Single, you discover the meaning of the word illusion: you thought you were in love, well you were wrong! Read more about the weekly Virgo horoscope

Weekly Libra Horoscope

This week, you’re the winner! Everything smiles at you and you know how to take advantage of it. If you are already in post, you fulfill your missions with disconcerting mastery and ease. A promotion or a bonus are reaching out to you, go for it! Unemployed for the moment, the stars are with you and a great opportunity should present itself in the middle of the week. On the money side, your finances are in good shape and this week should allow you to make this advantageous situation last. Read more about Libra weekly horoscope

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

You will be inhabited by a new dynamism that will accompany you throughout the week. It is with disconcerting ease that you will jump out of bed in the morning! You will have no trouble following your program for the day thanks to your exceptional liveliness. However, be vigilant and monitor your blood pressure, which could increase. Choose low-salt foods, drink enough water and choose times that are conducive to relaxation in times of stress. Read more about the Scorpio weekly horoscope

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

The time to finish this week that the other starts again. And it is clear that nothing changes. What if… you kicked this house of cards? Please note that you are not being asked to do this abruptly. For the sake of preserving those around you, you tend to distance yourself for the time to get better. However, be careful not to repeat this shell technique too often. Some might experience it badly around you. When one hand opens, the other squeezes it. More than a principle of life, it is a means of survival. Read more about the weekly Sagittarius horoscope

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

“The eye was in the grave and looked at Cain”… You have a bad conscience. The presence of the moon in your sky indicates that one of your bad deeds may resurface. A feeling of guilt pushes you to avoid your partner, you no longer dare to meet his gaze. It’s time to show courage and diplomacy… Single, you don’t fully accept who you are. You seem to be still looking for yourself, as if you were a teenager. You study yourself too much. Read more about Capricorn weekly horoscope

Weekly Aquarius Horoscope

The planets will not have a special influence on your financial situation these days. This will have the advantage of not putting you in difficulty. You won’t have to worry: no major problems in sight. In return, this will also mean that the planets will not accelerate your cash inflows. If you want to increase your income, you will have to act on the situation yourself. It will be up to you to take control of your destiny and bring about your luck! Read more about Aquarius weekly horoscope

Weekly Pisces Horoscope

Incredible but true, you will definitely be in awe of the next few days! This vitality and optimism will also be very communicative. So surf on this positive momentum to get back into sport, imagine new cooking recipes or reconnect with old friends. You will have energy to spare and no one will be able to stop you. Try to master this Olympic and frenetic form all the same. You might burn out faster than you thought. Read more about Pisces weekly horoscope

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We hope this horoscope has helped you see more clearly in your plans for the week! Nevertheless, and as with any astrological or divinatory advice, our forecasts should help you better anticipate but never constrain you. Our mantra: always remain free of your choices and know how to listen to your deep intuition.

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