Astrid from Belgium is 60 years old: Husband, Children, Hidden life, Aggression in France...

Astrid from Belgium celebrates her 60th birthday this Sunday, June 5! But what do you know of the graceful princess? Her husband, her children, the order of succession to the throne, her hidden life, but also her terrible aggression in France… Here is what you need to know.

Astrid from Belgium celebrates its 60th birthday this Sunday, June 5! Elegant, graceful and relatively discreet, the daughter of the former Belgian king fascinates the crowds. But who is the Princess of Belgium? Does she have a chance of ascending to the throne? Why does she keep a sad memory of France?

Astrid from Belgium: a family like no other

Astrid from Belgium was born on June 5, 1962. She is the daughter of Albert II, who was King of the Belgians until his abdication in 2013. His godfather is his uncle Fabrizio Ruffo di Calabria and his godmother is his aunt Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg. Ambitious, she studied art history in the Netherlands, but also in Geneva, and in Michigan, in the United States.

Astrid from Belgium: marriage and children

On September 22, 1984, Astrid from Belgium married Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este. Together they have five children, Prince Amedeo of Belgium born in 1986, the Princess Maria Laura of Belgiumborn in 1988, the Prince Joachim of Belgiumwhich was launched in 1991, the Princess Luisa Maria of Belgiumborn in 1995 and the youngest, the Princess Laetitia Maria of Belgiumwhich was launched in 2003.

Astrid from Belgium lived in anonymity

Astrid from Belgium has not always been spied on by photographers, despite her status as a princess. From 1984 to 1993, she resides relatively quietly with her husband and their children, in Basel, Switzerland, where her husband was working in a bank at the time. She then did not take on any official function in Belgium and lived (almost) in anonymity.

Will Astrid of Belgium accede to the throne?

But in 1993, the Princess of Belgium returns to his native land and begins to assume the responsibilities incumbent on him by his status. At the same time, she is committed to many causes. For example, she is president of the Pinocchio association, which helps burnt children.

Does the Princess of Belgium have a chance of acceding to the throne one day? Since her brother, King Philippe, is currently in power, she ranks 5th in the order of succession, after the monarch’s four children.

Astrid of Belgium: royal life, “disturbing”?

Princess Astrid may be used to palaces and other royal receptions, but she keeps both feet on the ground. “Personally, I don’t think being born into a royal family is disturbing. We do not choose where and when we are born. The important thing is to take maximum advantage of its qualities or its possibilities, and to work, on the other hand, on its weak sides. The problem is not to know what is my rank or my status but much more to succeed in my life and make my loved ones happy. And so to be happy myself. That being so, I consider that I have no merit in being what I am because I could very well have been born elsewhere“, she confided in 2004.

Astrid from Belgium, assaulted in France

In 2016 in the middle of the afternoon, Astrid from Belgium is victim of an assaultin France, in the Paris region. She is then with her husband and one of their daughters, at the exit of the A86, in Aubervilliers in Seine-Saint-Denis, when their Mercedes is attacked.

thugs break the front windowpassenger side, of the vehicle and steal the bag of the Princess of Belgium, while the members of the royal family are in the car. The sum of 2,000 euros and identity papers are stolen. The family goes to the police station and an investigation is opened… but the shock is hard to forget.

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