A 1h30 chase mobilized 100 police officers!

One could easily believe that this is the synopsis of a new American blockbuster. In reality, it is nothing! Wednesday, June 1, it was the Orne police who had to deal with a driver like no other. Yes, in France!

Hold on tight, because this story, which is part of the american blockbuster went well in France, in Orne to be more precise. A 55-year-old man refused to comply during a police control. The events followed one another to end with a completely unexpected outcome!

A check gone wrong

Wednesday 1er June, around 9 a.m., 3 police officers decide to intercept a motorist driving above the maximum permitted speed. Except that the latter refuses to comply and forces control! The gendarmes then open firebut the driver still manages to to escapeoverturning one of the police motorcycles in passing.

A hundred policemen and a helicopter!

drivergunshots, excessive speed, here is already a good list of ingredients to write the scenario of an action film. And it’s far from over! Not content with fleeing, he even manages to sow the forces of order! In order to quickly find the criminal, a hundred police officers are called in reinforcement! A helicopter even combs the area to find the fugitive.

An unexpected ending…

At 10:30 a.m., after one car chase an hour and a half, the 55-year-old man finally surrendered on his own! He went himself to the Argentan police station! Inevitably, he went directly to the square in prison, in police custody to be quite exact, without going through the starting square.

But why ?

It is very logical that the charges against him by the Argentan prosecutor’s office are heavy: “refusal to comply aggravated by endangering the lives of others”. But what could have been going through this driver’s head to flee during the police check, but also for him to have the idea of ​​going to the police station on his own? One wonders …

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