Why doesn't the Queen of England have a driver's license?

If the Queen of England is a great car enthusiast, she does not have a driving license. Rest assured, this is completely normal.

We’ve only been talking about her for a few days. And for good reason, the Queen of England is currently celebrating its 70th anniversary of reign. Aged 96, Elizabeth II indeed arrived on the throne in 1952and seems to want to stay there for many more years.

If everyone knows her, few know that she is also a big car enthusiastand that she was even mechanic during the Second World War. Today, the Queen continues to regularly take the wheel of her Range Rover, and it is common to see him driving, but also riding a horse. A real feat at his age!

Especially since the sovereign, grandmother of Princes William and Harry however does not have Driving license. Even more surprising, she never even passed the famous exam.

A normal exception

In reality, there is nothing very surprising in this, when the Queen of England also has no passport. This does not prevent him from traveling, as evidenced by his many official trips around the world during his reign. But then, how is this possible? Well, that’s completely normal. Indeed, all official documents, such as the driving license and the passport are issued in the name of Her Majesty. Suffice to say that it is therefore impossible for the sovereign to issue a document in her name.

No registration

We thus understand better why the Queen of England therefore automatically has a driving license, without having needed to pass it. Note that this system also applies to registrations, which explains why the majority of cars in Elisabeth 2 are not registered. We dream of it!

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