The Toyota Corolla inaugurates a new generation of hybrid

Toyota presents the facelift of the Corolla with some aesthetic changes. But it is above all under the hood that the biggest novelty is announced with the arrival of the fifth generation of hybrid motorization.

This new Toyota Corolla is the heiress of a long tradition. On the one hand, because the launch of the first generation Corolla dates back to 1966 with more than 50 million copies sold and that we are already at the twelfth generation. On the other hand, because the first hybrid Toyota was unveiled in 1997, 25 years ago. It was, of course, the Prius.

Subtle aesthetic evolutions

This twelfth generation of Toyota Corolla has therefore succeeded two generations of Auris to reconnect with the surname that made its legend. It was already in 2018 and now is the time for this model to go through the “mid-career facelift” box in order to get up to date. Externally, this translates to some cosmetic changes. The new Corolla thus benefits from changes made to the mesh pattern of the grille, to the hubcaps around the foglamps and to the alloy wheels. These discreet improvements are accompanied by new bi-LED headlights for the most high-end versions and new body colors.

Large screens

In the passenger compartment, it is above all the multimedia screen enlarged to 10.5 inches enthroned on the top of the dashboard which attracts attention. Boasting high-definition graphics and anti-reflective treatment, it should ensure excellent visibility in all lighting conditions according to Toyota. It is accompanied by a unique 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster can be personalized. A new voice assistant is also offered by Toyota.

More refined hybrids

These subtle aesthetic modernizations, both exterior and interior, in fact hide deep technical improvements. Even before the Prius, the Corolla inaugurates the fifth generation of Toyota’s “self-charging” hybrid system. Significant modifications to their gasoline engine and electric motor should improve the driving experience at multiple points of seen.

The basic 1.8l hybrid engine thus passes from 122 to 140 horsepower in order to improve its performance. And this, while maintaining very measured average fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (102 g/km). The other hybrid engine offered, the 2.0l, goes from 184 to 196 horsepower. This also translates into increased performance with half a second gained on the 0 to 100 km / h which is done in 7.5 seconds. no impact on emissions.

The icing on the cake, Toyota also promises more natural acceleration for these new hybrids. This was notably made possible thanks to a reduction in engine speed during acceleration which is also accompanied by a reduction in noise from the powertrain in this situation. Enough to further erase the coffee grinder effect.

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